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Salazar, Diaz-Balart, Gimenez Urge Cuban Official Denial of Entry

Florida Republicans are joining forces to call on the Biden Administration to deny the asylum claim for Rosabel Roca Sampedro,…

1 day ago

New Cold War? Lawmakers Disagree on Opening Up Relations With Cuba

From questioning the nature of the United States’ relationship with Cuba to calling for a stricter response, Florida lawmakers are…

5 days ago

Bipartisan Group Introduces Secure Airports From Enemies Act

In an effort to avoid the issue, the lawmakers have introduced the bipartisan Secure Airports From Enemies (SAFE) Act. 

1 week ago

Scott, Gimenez Tackle CCP-Linked Infrastructure on U.S. Ports

Florida Senator Rick Scott (R) and Florida Rep. Carlos Gimenez (R) are sounding the alarm on infrastructure in U.S. ports…

3 weeks ago

Gimenez Torches Biden for Border Crisis, Says 'We Need a New President'

House Republicans have continually criticized the Biden Administration for the border crisis, with recent events only vindicating their outrage. Over…

3 weeks ago

Gimenez Slams Northwestern University for Antisemitism

On social media, Florida Rep. Carlos Gimenez (R) criticized the Northwestern University president's "silence" over one of his professors allegedly…

4 weeks ago

House Democrats and Republicans Condemn Visit of Cuban Officials to Miami Airport

After the Department of Homeland Security arraigned and facilitated Cuban officials a tour of Miami International Airport (MIA), South Florida…

4 weeks ago

Mayorkas Questioned Over Cuban Officials Touring TSA Facilities

The lawmakers question Secretary Mayorkas over the Biden Administration's approval of Cuban officials touring "sensitive areas."

4 weeks ago

Outrage Over Cuban Delegation Touring TSA Security Leads to Biden Blame, Safety Fears

MIAMI, FL—A Cuban delegation toured TSA facilities at Miami International Airport on Cuban Independence Day, allegedly without the knowledge of…

4 weeks ago

Carlos Gimenez Disregards Mucarsel-Powell as a 'Leftist Hack'

In a social media post, Florida Rep. Carlos Gimenez (R) dismissed her candidacy as one of a "leftist hack."

4 weeks ago

Gimenez Says Support for Trump Growing Because Americans are 'Waking Up' to Biden's Policies

Recent polls show former President Donald Trump leading or tying with President Joe Biden as the 2024 Election in November…

1 month ago

Carlos Gimenez Votes to Pass Aid to Taiwan, Ukraine and Israel

The House of Representatives has managed to pass the national security supplemental package that will fund Taiwan, Ukraine and Israel…

2 months ago

Gimenez Grills Mayorkas on Border Crisis and Biden's Ability to Stop It

Is the border crisis solvable through executive action rather than an act of Congress? Representative Carlos Gimenez (R-FL) has maintained…

2 months ago

What is Driving the Surge in American Crime Rates?

The crime rate across the country, particularly in certain American cities has skyrocketed. Whether it be due to a lack…

2 months ago

Gimenez Explains How Congress Will Help Trump Deport Migrants

Demands for a solution to the border crisis have increased as several high-profile cases of crime committed by illegal immigrants…

2 months ago

Gimenez Denounces Russia for Havana Syndrome Attacks

Florida Rep. Carlos Gimenez (R) is calling on President Joe Biden (D) to address the "Havana Syndrome" Attacks.

3 months ago

Rubio, Salazar Go After Tren de Aragua

Senator Rubio and Rep. Salazar are calling on the president to designate Tren de Aragua as a Transnational Criminal Organization.

3 months ago

Gimenez Denounces Jayapal and Omar's Secret Cuba Visit

Representatives Pramila Jayapal (D-WA) and Ilhan Omar (D-MN) traveled to Cuba during the Congressional recess to discuss human rights and…

4 months ago