Scott Affirms He's 'Tried to be the Voice for Puerto Rico'

Scott Affirms He's 'Tried to be the Voice for Puerto Rico'

Daniel Molina
Daniel Molina
June 16, 2024

Florida Senator Rick Scott (R) is up for reelection, and polling shows that he's on the path to another term as a Florida Senator. With Republicans continuing to gain significant support in the sunshine state, support for Senator Scott has similarly grown. In light of Senator Scott gaining further support from Puerto Ricans in the state, he affirms that one of his goals has been "to be the voice for Puerto Rico."

In an exclusive interview with The Floridian, the former governor of Florida discussed the support he's received for his reelection campaign.

"We've got Puerto Ricans for Rick Scott, we've got Ecuadorians for Rick Scott, we've got Venezuelans for Rick Scott, we have Colombians for Rick Scott, we've got a variety of different groups," he shared. "We've got small business groups that have endorsed me, and I think it just shows that over the last 14 years - my years as governor, and my 5 and a half years in the senate - have focused on trying to solve problems for individuals."

In reference to Puerto Rico, Senator Scott recalled the several obstacles that the island has faced in the last several years. "Puerto Rico is important to me. They've had a lot of problems there."

During his time as governor, he helped facilitate around "425,000 Puerto Ricans come to Florida. I opened up relief centers at both of our airports... we helped Puerto Ricans get jobs, we helped their children get in school, we helped them with healthcare, we tried to help each and every way we could."

On the subject of statehood, the Florida Senator is optimistic that they'll end up as the 51st state of the country, but some work has to be done before Puerto Rico can gain that.

"They have to get their fiscal house in order. I think they're gonna end up with statehood at some point, but what they have to do first is get their fiscal house in order."

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Daniel Molina

Daniel Molina

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