Randy Fine Flies Combat Drone, Feeds IDF Soldiers During Visit to Israel

Randy Fine Flies Combat Drone, Feeds IDF Soldiers During Visit to Israel

Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres
June 29, 2024

Tel Aviv—After realizing that his planned one-week family vacation would bump up against another planned official trip to Israel, Florida Rep. Randy Fine (R) decided that the best thing to do was extend his trip to 3 weeks.

Rep. Fine, who is arguably the loudest voice of support for Israel and against antisemitism in the state of Florida, told The Floridian that his three weeks in Israel has been filled with meetings with members of the Israeli Knesset and the foreign ministry, as well as spending time with Israeli Defense Forces soldiers.

Fine had the unique experience of flying a military combat drone during a visit to one of the three military bases he visited.

Rep. Randy Fine
Courtesy of  Rep. Randy Fine

During one of those visits, Fine and his family served Shabbat dinner to IDF soldiers.

“So amazing for David and I to serve dinner to hundreds of IDF soldiers at an airbase.  The kindness and gratitude these amazing men and women showed after having spent months fighting Muslim terror is inspiring,” said Fine in a statement to The Floridian.

In addition, Fine said he spoke to Israeli leaders and American Jews living in Israel about his, and the Florida legislature's efforts and passed bills to combat antisemitism.

Fine recently condemned Florida International University’s (FIU) use of a textbook that promoted antisemitism. The Floridian first broke the story about the textbook in question three years ago, but the university has removed the book from its curriculum

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Javier Manjarres

Javier Manjarres

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