Trump Challenges 'Crooked Joe' to Debate 'Any Time, Anywhere'

Trump Challenges 'Crooked Joe' to Debate 'Any Time, Anywhere'

Daniel Molina
Daniel Molina
April 12, 2024

President Donald Trump (R) managed to avoid the debate stage throughout the Republican primaries. By doing so, he emerged as the presumptive nominee. With the 2024 presidential election now a 2020 rematch, questions have circulated regarding debates in the general election. President Trump has now challenging 'Crooked Joe' to a debate, saying he's available "anytime, anywhere."

Republicans have scrutinized the incumbent's cognitive skills, citing it as a reason for President Joe Biden (D) trying everything he can to not debate President Trump. No debate schedule has been announced, but the incumbent has shown some interest in the idea of verbally sparring with the challenger. In March, President Biden mentioned that a potential debate would hinge purely on Trump's "behavior."

In a video released on social media, President Trump made the first move in pursuing a debate by challenging the incumbent.

"It's time for Crooked Joe Biden, the worst president in the history of the United States, and I to debate," President Trump said in a video posted on Truth Social.

"We have to talk about what he's doing, and where we're going. We owe it to our country. We owe it to all American."

Should President Biden accept the challenge, President Trump says he's available "anywhere, any time, any place."

Recent polling hasn't proven well for the incumbent, showing him lagging behind President Trump in support. Voters are disappointed in President Biden's handling of several issues such as the economy, the border, and rising inflation, while President Biden is viewed as a stronger candidate on the subject of abortion.

Democrats are reportedly more focused on mobilizing voters behind the incumbent and are not interested in seeing the two candidate debate. However, NBC, CBS, ABC, Fox News, and CNN have drafted a letter calling for a debate, noting that debates have been an integral part of the voting process.

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Daniel Molina

Daniel Molina

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