Donalds Calls Biden 'an ABJECT FAILURE' in Office

Donalds Calls Biden 'an ABJECT FAILURE' in Office

Daniel Molina
Daniel Molina
April 5, 2024

Fans across the world are gearing up for Wrestlemania 40 this weekend. Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson will be headlining night 1 of the two-night event, but he’s also causing a stir in the political world. After a recent interview with FOX News regarding the state of the country, Republicans have taken him to task over his 2020 endorsement of President Joe Biden (D). Florida Rep. Byron Donalds (R) has now commented on Johnson’s interview, calling President Biden’s time in office ‘an ABJECT FAILURE.’

In 2020, Johnson took part in a video with President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris (D). In the video, Johnson shared that he had never publicly endorsed a candidate before. However, given the political tension of the time, for the first time in his life, he wanted to publicly endorse President Biden for president.

Three years later, when asked about the state of the country, Johnson commented that he was disappointed. Despite sharing that he believes things will get better, he noted that he would not be publicly endorsing a candidate in the upcoming election.

Rep. Donalds has since shared a video on social media juxtaposing the video of Johnson endorsing President Biden and the recent interview. In the caption, Rep. Donalds, who has enthusiastically endorsed President Donald Trump (R), expressed that "Biden's first three years as president have been an ABJECT FAILURE by every measure."

"There is a reason why every day, more and more Independents and Democrats are fleeing his campaign," Donalds commented.

President Trump is faring well against President Biden in 6 of the 7 most competitive states according to a recent Wall Street Journal poll. However, a new NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist National Poll shows President Biden defeating President Trump with 50% to 48%  among voters.

Lee M. Miringoff, the Director of the Marist Institute for Public Opinion, commented on the poll, saying that there are "three points to note: first, about four in ten voters are not rock solid in their choice for president; second, Biden supporters are slightly more locked in; and third, Democrats are more cohesive in their positions on the issues."

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Daniel Molina

Daniel Molina

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