Trump Responds to Reduced Bond and 'Biden Trial'

Trump Responds to Reduced Bond and 'Biden Trial'

Daniel Molina
Daniel Molina
March 25, 2024

The race was on for President Donald Trump (R) to pay a $454 million bond, which was significantly reduced to $175 million this morning. In light of the announcement, President Trump held a press conference at Trump Tower, denouncing the "Biden Trial" that has been scheduled for April 15.

With the clock ticking on President Trump paying a $454 million bond, a New York appeals court announced this morning that it would be pausing for 10 days a civil fraud judgement against the president. Moreover, the court announced it would be significantly reducing the bond to $175 million.

Ahead of speaking at Trump Tower, President Trump commented on the decision, saying that he "respects" the decision of the appellate court.

"I'll post either $175 million in cash or bond, for security or whatever is necessary, very quickly within the 10 days. And I thank the appellate division for acting quickly. But Judge Engoron is a disgrace to this country, and this should not be allowed to happen."

During a press conference in Trump Tower, President Trump criticized President Joe Biden (D), accusing his legal woes on President Biden. He attributed the "election interference" to the incumbent's failure to win a fair election because of his alleged failure of handling the border, the economy, and other concerns.

For the president, it's "not fair" for trials to start ahead of the November election, but when asked by a reporter if the trials could hurt his chances at reclaiming the White House, President Trump clarified that it could "make me more popular because the people know it's a scam."

"This is all done by Biden and the thugs that work for Biden" said President Trump, maintaining that he is innocent in the face of any legal proceedings and that he is committed to defending himself accordingly.

"November 5th will be the most important day of our country,” he affirmed.

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