The Lounge🍊—3.10.2024—SINE DIE! Legislative Session in Florida Ends—More...

The Lounge🍊—3.10.2024—SINE DIE! Legislative Session in Florida Ends—More...

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Liv Caputo
Liv Caputo
March 1, 2024

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The final week of the Legislative Session has come and gone, and with it a series of scraps as Lawmakers rushed to pass their last-minute bills. Sine Die officially came at 2:27 PM on Friday, marked by the signature hanky-drop from the Capitol's sergeants, signifying session is over—and a flurry of bill signing by the Governor will fully commence.

The $117.46 billion state budget was finalized and passed Friday morning, crucially including allocations for landmark issues in Florida, such as housing programs and Everglades restoration.

The Sadowski Coalition – a nonpartisan collection of more than 40 statewide organizations –applauded the governor, stating, "Governor DeSantis, who included full funding in his fiscal year 2024-25 budget recommendations, has been an unwavering advocate of housing, and we look forward to him signing this budget.”

The Everglades Trust and the Everglades Foundation both released statements touting the $740 million guarantee for Everglades restoration. “These critical investments mean that we can keep moving the needle forward on Everglades restoration, which is vital to Florida’s water-based tourism economy and the environment that supports it," the Trust's CEO Anna Upton said.

“Thank you to our legislative leaders – Senate President Kathleen Passidomo and House Speaker Paul Renner – who have continued the forward progress on restoration with this high level of funding in the budget," the Foundation's CEO Eric Eikenberg agreed.

From stripper ages to sexual violence compensation to social media protections for minors, a series of bills have begun their transition into law as they sit on the Governor's desk, awaiting the final pen stroke granting them final legal authority.

Beyond his bill-signing duties, DeSantis announced his commitment to keeping Miami Beach free from lawlessness this spring break, sending law enforcement south to go toe-to-toe with unruly college kids...

As a final goodbye, this last installment of the Lounge for the 2024 Legislative Session makes sure to hit on all of the hard-hitting legislation in the Session's grand finale week...

On a Pregnancy Resource Website:

Sen. Lori Berman: "We're going to be putting together a website that is going to be an alternative to abortions, even though abortions are legal and safe here in the state of Florida."

Sen. Erin Grall: "I always find it fascinating that everything that we talk about turns into abortion when we're here to talk about pregnancy and parenting and all of the services that we provide as a state."

On the New Social Media Bill:

Rep. Tyler Sirois: "I think that this product is a superior product in terms of protecting our kids from these harmful platforms and these features."

Rep. Anna Eskamani: "I don't think we should spend more public dollars on lawsuits in this state where we know these bills are inherently unconstitutional."

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Florida International University
Florida International University

In the News-Tallahassee

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