Balart Secures Major Funding for South Florida Projects in New Appropriations Bill

Balart Secures Major Funding for South Florida Projects in New Appropriations Bill

Mateo Guillamont
Mateo Guillamont
March 7, 2024

US Representative Mario Diaz-Balart (R-FL) commended the House of Representatives’ recent passage of an appropriations bill that averted a government shutdown. 

The bill passed 339-85, with most “no” votes coming from Republicans (83).

Representative Balart lauded the legislation’s spending cuts. 

“This legislation marks a departure from partisan, wasteful spending habits that have plagued our appropriations process under Democratic leadership in the House, burdening future generations with trillions in debt,” claimed Balart. 

According to Balart’s office, the bill saves taxpayers more than $200 billion over the next decade while remaining under the President's Budget Request by more than $100 billion.

Balart emphasized House Republicans’ fulfillment of campaign promises regarding significantly reducing non-defense discretionary spending while prioritizing national security and fiscal responsibility. 

“Under Speaker Mike Johnson's leadership, despite facing a historically slim majority and a Democratic President and Senate, we remain steadfast in delivering on these promises for the American people,” continued Balart. 

According to House of Representatives Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA), the bill cuts funding to several agencies, including the FBI (6%), ATF (7%), and EPA (9.6%).

Despite the funding cuts, Balart also listed the tens of millions of dollars in federal grants that will be given to multiple South Florida projects and entities. 

For example, Miami-Dade County will receive over $7 million dollars for transportation and roadway safety projects. 

The city of Doral’s Police Department will also receive $2 million for a technology modernization initiative. 

Additionally, Florida International University’s Windstorm Research Instrumentation and Testing Enhancement Project will be granted over $4 millions for expansion costs. 

Altogether, the funding obtained by Balart for South Florida authorities and public projects amounts to over $30 million. 


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Mateo Guillamont

Mateo Guillamont

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