AFP Launches Bidenomics Website to Fact-Check Biden

AFP Launches Bidenomics Website to Fact-Check Biden

Economic record will play a huge part in 2024 election

Jim McCool
Jim McCool
March 7, 2024

Over the past several years, many have heard the word "Bidenomics" thrown around.  This has been used by the White House to describe President Biden's (D) economic philosophy.  However, not everyone is happy with the president's economic performance.

Americans for Prosperity (AFP) have given a rebuttal to Bidenomics in the most satirical way possible. sounds like a website endorsing Biden, but is actually devoted to proving the president's economic policies incompetent.

The AFP's site reads at the top, "If you ask Americans what they think of the U.S. economy, they will tell you things are not good. Americans are stressed about the family budget. They worry about falling behind financially. They feel like what they’ve worked so hard to earn could be gone in an instant. But if you ask President Biden, the economy couldn’t be better – so good that he put his name on it: Bidenomics.

The header continues, "The President brags a lot about the economy, so we decided to look at what the President has been saying, compare that to the facts on the ground, and let you decide for yourself."

Below includes various fact checks with statements that Biden has made about the economy followed by statistics that would argue the opposite.  Most of these fact-checked claims are only a sentence long.

For instance, President Biden is quoted as saying, "Wages are up after being adjusted for inflation."  AFP wrote in response, "Working Americans are making less under Joe Biden, with inflation-adjusted hourly wages down 2.0%. Recent real wage increases have been more than offset by a decrease in the average work week. The result? Since January 2021, real weekly earnings have shrunk 4.4%. American paychecks are lighter thanks to Bidenomics."

Each fact-check includes more information and economic data to read up on.  And as the incumbent, Biden will have to defend his record later this year.  A new CBS poll found that 65% of Americans remember President Donald Trump's economy being good and only 38% of Americans see Biden's current economy as good.

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Jim McCool

Jim McCool

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