Nikki Haley loses Nevada to ‘None of these candidates’ in unprecedented primary

Nikki Haley loses Nevada to ‘None of these candidates’ in unprecedented primary

'None of these candidates' took home the bragging rights after Tuesday night's meaningless primary

Christian Pitten
Christian Pitten
February 7, 2024

Although at first glance the headline may look like one of those Babylon Bee stories, a satirical news outlet, it is instead real. The Haley camp suffered a crushing defeat to “none of these candidates” Tuesday night in Nevada’s GOP primary.

While Nevada still allows for a Republican primary, there are no delegates rewarded in the process. Instead, the delegates are rewarded through the caucuses. Due to this, Tuesday night’s primary was technically meaningless, however, a message was sent to the Haley camp.

Leading GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump was not on Neveda’s primary ballot, leading many to believe that Haley would win Tuesday night's election. However, Nevada voters had different plans. As for Trump, he will be on the ballot for Thursday’s GOP Caucuses in Nevada. 

As of now, “None of these candidates” is winning the primary race with 63.2% of the vote. Haley trails behind with 30.5% of the vote. These results come after approximately 88% of the final vote have been reported. With still 12% of the vote outstanding, the inconsequential primary race has been called for “None of these candidates” – causing an uproar on social media. 

Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz tweeted, “Imagine losing 2-1 to ‘None of the Above.’”

Florida’s Byron Donalds (R) joined Gaetz in having a laugh. The Congressman from Florida’s 19th district posted a meme saying, “Nikki…. Come on now, it’s over!” 

Texas Congressman Ronny Jackson (R) took to “X” with his thoughts – providing a message for Haley to drop out and endorse Trump

“Nikki is HUMILIATING herself! She lost to ‘none of these candidates’ in Nevada, and she’s down in EVERY SINGLE POLL! Nikki, it’s time to drop out. IT’S TIME TO UNITE AROUND TRUMP!!”


Haley, who once said “When we’re united, nothing can stop us,” was technically right. “Nothing” did, in fact, stop her Tuesday night – in the form of 43,000+ votes. Luckily for the former UN Ambassador, Tuesday’s results don’t mean much when it comes to her primary battle against former President Trump. With this being said, Haley is still likely to lose to Trump in Nevada’s Caucus on Thursday night according to new polls.

Currently, Trump has 32 delegates, as Haley trails behind him with 17 delegates. The first candidate to receive 1,215 delegates will clinch the Republican presidential nomination.

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Christian Pitten

Christian Pitten

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