Trump Slams Biden on Time Spent Vacationing

Trump Slams Biden on Time Spent Vacationing

“I have to say, when I take vacations I’m always working.

Daniel Molina
Daniel Molina
January 2, 2024

President Donald Trump (R) continues to compare his record to President Joe Biden’s (D) efforts in office. Not only does President Trump argue that his own time in office was more effective, but he also believes that President Biden has wasted too much time vacationing.

According to the New York Post, President Biden has spent 37% of 2023 at a getaway spot. This, the New York Post, equates to more than a third of the year being spent away from his duties as president. During this time, President Biden was either at one of his Delaware residences, a vacation site, or at Camp David.

In an interview with Breitbart News, President Trump commented on the time that President Biden has spent on vacation, saying that the president has spent too much time on vacation while refusing to work for the American people.

One issue that President Trump has been vocal about is illegal immigration. In his comments, President Trump argued that President Biden should have gone to the beach and let his policies stand instead of removing them upon entering office.

When asked to comment about President Biden making his way to the U.S. Virgin Islands, President Trump compared their time spent on vacation. In providing the comparison, President Trump argued that when he himself went on vacation, he was still working.

“I have to say, when I take vacations I’m always working,” he said.

“This is really the Southern White House. I have meetings left, right, and all day. Even if I’m playing golf, I’m always playing golf with somebody who is it important like heads of countries, senators, et cetera. But it’s all work,” President Trump continued.

“The Southern White House” that President Trump referred to is Mar-a-Lago.

In recent weeks, national polling shows that President Trump has overtaken President Biden in numerous categories including younger voters. However, President Trump is also facing political troubles as Maine has announced that President Trump will be removed from the state’s ballot.

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Daniel Molina

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