Haley's Attack Ad Against DeSantis Splits Oil Drilling Hairs

Haley's Attack Ad Against DeSantis Splits Oil Drilling Hairs

DeSantis' oil drilling bona fides called into question

Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres
November 7, 2023

On the eve of the 3rd and pivotal Republican presidential primary debate in Miami, Florida, former Governor and Ambassador Nikki Haley released a scathing energy attack ad against Florida Gov Ron DeSantis, accusing him of being “against fracking” and being “against drilling” for oil.

The video was cut after Ambassador Haley first accused Gov. DeSantis of being against being completely against  energy independence during the 2nd primary debate in Simi Valley, California, where she stated,”Ron DeSantis is against fracking, he’s against drilling.”

Like most political ads, Haley’s advertisement against DeSantis consists of a  compilation of past remarks that Gov. DeSantis made against fracking and offshore oil drilling as it pertains to Florida.

The ad continues with another clip showing DeSantis being asked by one of his constituents if he supported a ban on fracking.

DeSantis answered,” Yeah, yeah, yeah.”

The Floridian reached out to the DeSantis campaign for comment on Haley’s ad.

Campaign Press Secretary Bryan Griffin responded to our request for comment, and dismissed Haley’s assertions against DeSantis, calling her a “desperate” candidate that needed to get her “facts straight.

"Desperate candidates need to get their facts straight. When he took office, the governor committed to protecting the Everglades while accelerating energy exploration and production across the state. Furthermore, an overwhelming number of Floridians voted to enact a constitutional amendment to limit offshore drilling prior to Governor DeSantis taking office,” stated Griffin. “That is the law in Florida based on the will of the voters. Ron DeSantis is the only candidate in this race to roll out an energy plan that he will enact as our next president to once again make America energy dominant and bring relief to hard-working Americans with a return to $2.00 gas in 2025. That's leadership you can count on."

Nikki Haley
Ambassador Nikki Haley/The Floridian

Haley’s ad is correct. DeSantis did call for a ban on fracking in Florida back in 2019.

During a campaign event this past August, DeSantis stood firm on his opposition to fracking and oil drilling in and around Florida.

DeSantis kept to his long-standing support for fracking and oil drilling around the nation, but not in and around Florida.

“We have a constitutional amendment that does not allow offshore oil drilling. So, that’s something that we honor, said DeSantis. “That is not saying that I think that should apply to Louisiana or Texas and all that, so that will continue and we them to be able to do it. We also want them to be able to use hydraulic fracturing. It's been something that has been very effective.

That constitutional amendment was spearheaded by DeSantis's predecessor, former Governor and current U.S. Senator Rick Scott.

Back in 2019, DeSantis said he spoke to then-President Donald Trump and urged him to not allow for federal offshore oil drilling around Florida. Florida’s entire congressional caucus, including Sens. Rick Scott and Marco Rubio, and Reps. Matt Gaetz, Debbie Wasserman Schultz,  Greg Stuebe, and Gus Bilirakis, voted against drilling off of Florida’s shores.

“We should have the ban around Florida, for sure,” stated DeSantis “I’ve urged him (Trump) to make sure that Florida is protected from that. You see it with everybody here, we’re just a different state in terms of how we are situated. He understands that, and every indication (sic) I have had with him is that he will support having Florida taken care of in that respect.”

DeSantis also said that the President  “understands the direction our state goes, what our lifeblood is,” adding that President Trump told him “he’s with us.”

“I’ve not had any concerns, any time talking to him that somehow they would try to do anything with respect to oil drilling in Florida,” added DeSantis “Florida, he’s told me he’s with us. We don’t want the oil drilling.”

But DeSantis's stance on opposing fracking and oil drilling off Florida’s coast goes further back.

In February 2018, then-Congressman DeSantis co-sponsored a bill (H.R. 5014- Preserving Recreation, Oceans, Tourism, Environment, and Coastal Towns in Florida Act) in the House of Representatives to extend the existing moratorium on drilling off the coast of Florida.

The extension would ban drilling from 2022-2027.

Ron DeSantis Everglades
Ron DeSantis during Everglades tour (2018)

Haley’s ad splits energy and oil drilling hairs.

Again, DeSantis has and does oppose fracking and drilling in and around Florida, but he supports is everywhere else.

According to the left-leaning League of Conservation Voters, is no friend to theirs because he supports an all-of-the-above approach to energy independence in the U.S.

The LCV has given DeSantis a whopping lifetime score of 2% for his past support of the  “Big Oil Giveaway” legislative measures during his time in Congress.

President Trump is far and away the favorite to win the 2024 GOP presidential nomination, with DeSantis and Haley trailing him at a distant second and third place, respectfully.

Haley has surged in all the statewide and national polls, tying DeSantis in Iowa with 16 percent support  in the latest Des Moines Register survey.

DeSantis recently announced his endorsement from Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds. The Reynolds endorsement could help DeSantis gain some much-needed momentum and help him create some distance between himself and Haley.

Expect Haley and DeSantis to engage in a lively political cage match in Miami.

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Javier Manjarres

Javier Manjarres

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