Senator Garcia Proposes Police Supervision of Florida Ballot Boxes During Elections

Senator Garcia Proposes Police Supervision of Florida Ballot Boxes During Elections

Mateo Guillamont
Mateo Guillamont
October 14, 2023

Miami-Dade County Senator Ileana Garcia (R) filed a bill that would require Law Enforcement Officials to supervise ballot box transportation on election days. 

If enacted, police would have to be present “at all times during an election” to ensure ballot box security. 

Garcia’s proposal would also have law enforcement officers “transport the ballot box or ballot transfer container” from election offices to corresponding precincts. 

Election integrity has become a prevalent issue, especially for Republicans, following former President Donald Trump’s claims of widespread election interference during the 2020 elections.   

President Trump is currently running for re-election and is polling ahead of any other Republican contender. 

However, reports suggest Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is cutting into President Trump’s lead. 

The Floridian’s Javier Manjarres recently traveled with Governor DeSantis during several campaign events throughout Iowa. 

According to Manjarres, “the level of grassroots support that Gov. DeSantis is currently enjoying has significantly increased since he first announced his presidential candidacy in late May, and after the subsequent campaign reboots.”

Chief among Iowa voters’ concerns relate to reproductive health, and Manjarres suggests Trump’s attacks on DeSantis regarding the latter’s 6-week abortion ban could backfire. 

A “former Trump voter told The Floridian that he was absolutely turned off by President Trump's recent statement that DeSantis’s six-week abortion ban “terrible”,” continued Manjarres. 

DeSantis’ abortion ban is currently being reviewed in court. 

Meanwhile, attempts at circumventing the ban have gone as far as performing “offshore abortions” outside of Florida’s territorial jurisdiction. 

Florida Representative Gregory Steube (R) cosponsored a bill that would prohibit such offshore abortions. 

Introduced by Texas Representative Randy Weber (TX-14), the Ban Offshore Abortion Tourism (BOAT) Act seeks to halt operations circumventing state abortion restrictions.

"Abortion boats should never float in federal waters. These offshore “clinics” exploit a legal loophole by performing abortions in maritime jurisdiction to evade state laws and endanger both women and the unborn," said Rep. Weber.

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Mateo Guillamont

Mateo Guillamont

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