Sen. Pizzo Faces Biggest Political Challenge of his Career

Sen. Pizzo Faces Biggest Political Challenge of his Career

Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres
October 18, 2023

While Democratic lawmakers in Florida face almost insurmountable challenges after enduring significant election night losers statewide over the past couple of cycles, incoming Senate Minority Leader Jason Pizzo is arguably facing the biggest challenge of his political career.

When his two twin 17-year-old sons decided to register to vote, Sen. Pizzo thought that they would register as Democrats. He was wrong and both registered as NPA’s or Independents.

According to Sen. Pizzo, he was a bit perplexed by his sons’ decision to side-0step his political party, but after speaking to them he understood why they did so

Pizzo said that his sons challenged him, telling him that he “had to earn it.”

Meaning, he or Democrats have to earn their support.

Now, Pizzo took his sons’ words to heart and has embarked on a college speaking tour to try to “earn” the support of people around the state. Pizzo’s district is in South Florida, but the self-styled “most free market and centrist Democrat” believes that as an elected official, he had to take the message to the public because the public wasn’t going to come to him.

During his first two events a Florida State University, where he addressed a group of students from all walks of life, Pizzo took the gloves off and had a very candid and spirited discussion with students about the Florida Legislature, the players and the short-comings lawmakers have.

Pizzo, who was sporting blue jeans and new pair of Air Jordan kicks (sneakers) started off by saying that all of the DeSantis-lead efforts against the “Woke idealogy” in society was simply, “Made up political bullshit.”

Pizzo’s harsh words about holding lawmaker’s feet to the fire and how many have forgotten “why they ran in the first place,” did not stop with Republicans, adding that there were even lawmakers in his own political party were “full of shit.”

“Even some of the most loudest members of our party are full is shit,” said Pizzo, before telling the students that they needed to  “hold their elected officials accountable” and make it an effort to visit them in the state Capitol.

Interestlingly enough, Pizzo divulged that he came from a Republican family, where his brother was very conservative, and that the agreed with sibling politically about 85% of the time.

The next stop Pizzo’s college listening tour will be at Florida Agriculture and Mineral  University (FAMU) and then at a local eatery, DP Dough, where he will take part in “Calzone Night.”

Speaking of Pizzo and Calzone, its time to get some food eat.

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Javier Manjarres

Javier Manjarres

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