Rubio Accuses Biden of ‘Conceding’ to Maduro

Rubio Accuses Biden of ‘Conceding’ to Maduro

“President Biden continues to undermine the upcoming primary elections in Venezuela by caving to the regime’s demands.”

Daniel Molina
Daniel Molina
October 23, 2023

Over the weekend, Venezuelans took to the polls to vote in their presidential election. The country has a history of being denied free and fair elections, but as lawmakers shared videos in support of elections in Venezuela, others were more critical of the Maduro regime. Florida Senator Marco Rubio (R) penned an op-ed, criticized President Joe Biden (D) over allegedly conceding and helping Maduro maintain authoritarian control over the country.

The criticism comes after the Biden Administration announced four General Licenses that would ensure Venezuelan transactions in the petroleum and gold industries. In addition, they would allow trading in the Maduro regime’s sovereign debt.

In response to the General Licenses, Senator Rubio calls them the latest concessions to Maduro’s illegitimate narco-regime.

In a statement, Rubio accused the Biden Administration of being “complicit in prolonging the Venezuelan people’s agony under the illegitimate grip of dictator Nicolas Maduro,” adding that “President Biden continues to undermine the upcoming primary elections in Venezuela by caving to the regime’s demands.”

Rubio went on to explain that “we’ve seen the release of Maduro’s convict nephews and the lifting of targeted sanctions to now granting petroleum, gas, and gold licensees,” adding that “no one should be surprised when this administration ends up releasing Maduro’s financier and money launderer, Alex Saab, either.”

Republicans like Rubio argue that Biden opening a channel of communication with the Maduro regime grants legitimacy to a regime that has committed crimes against humanity.

Despite greeting the easing of sanctions, Democrats are wary of the move, warning that Biden should remain vigilant that Venezuela keeps their end of the deal.

“My reaction reflects, I think, where my Venezuelan-American constituents are: You can’t trust Maduro,” said Florida Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D).

“But that’s why the Biden administration has been very committed to not lifting sanctions until we have provable progress on agreements.”

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Daniel Molina

Daniel Molina

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