LIV Golf Brings Their Mission to South Florida

LIV Golf Brings Their Mission to South Florida

Jim McCool
Jim McCool
October 31, 2023

Thanks to the work of LIV Golf, Miami and the entire South Florida community were able to enjoy the league's impact and sustainability initiative through which the league, players, and teams are committed to using their platform to create positive change in the world.

The LIV Golf launched its new program, "Potential, Unleashed," which encourages people to be environmentally conscience and to improve the living conditions of the people around them.

Last week, LIV Golf held a tournament at  Trump Doral in Miami, Florida,  and hosted community engagement activities that were carried out as part of “Potential, Unleashed."  The events hosted through this program are not just climate-focused however, as LIV Golf seeks to improve social issues of all kinds.

The team hosted a youth golf clinic with, "Amigos for Kids," an organization from Miami that aims to prevent child abuse and help neglected children gain the intangible resources they need.  Players who teamed up with the children taught them lessons about the game of golf and life.

"Young learners need role models who inspire, teach, and ignite their potential." Said Amigos for Kids President & CEO, Karina Pavone. "This wonderful opportunity was made possible through our incredible partnership with LIV Golf and we are truly grateful.  It's a swing towards success and empowerment."

Of the over one billion young people on the brink of adult hood in the world, almost a quarter of them are not enrolled in an educational institution or employed.  LIV Golf also wants to aid the refugee crisis across the nation, which they feel is impacted by a lack of support for young people as well.

The group also partnered with the Marine Education Initiative and Farm Share, where they held a microgreen harvesting and food packaging event at Trump Doral in Miami. All the food that was harvested and packaged was delivered to soup kitchens in the community surrounding the course.

LIV Golf CEO and Commissioner Greg Norman stated this in an op-ed regarding the group's efforts, "Our vision is bold but we are committed to working in collaboration with our fans, teams, players and partners, to give back to our communities and our planet and use the game of golf that we love to change the world for the better."

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Jim McCool

Jim McCool

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