DeSantis Releases his 'Rings of Fire' Foreign Policy Plan

DeSantis Releases his 'Rings of Fire' Foreign Policy Plan

DeSantis rolling ahead for presidential nomination

Jim McCool
Jim McCool
October 28, 2023

In a speech at the Heritage Foundation, Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) unveiled his foreign policy plans as president that he said will "prioritize and protect" America's interests abroad.

DeSantis’ foreign policy identifies the Chinese Communist Party as the greatest threat to America and centers around this idea: “We Win and They Lose.” As president, DeSantis promised he will ban China and other adversaries from purchasing farmland and property near critical infrastructure and military installations, rebuild America’s navy, and unleash America’s full economic potential to prevent the CCP from surpassing America as an economic power.

"Chaos abounds, dangers are gathering, America lacks direction, and leadership is in short supply. The world is getting more dangerous as conflicts mount," said DeSantis.  "We’ve seen the ruling class in this country empower China for a generation...I'm here to tell you, decline is not inevitable. Decline is a choice. We cannot raise the white flag of surrender. We have time to get this right. But time is running out. Just as we don't want to be mired in pessimism and accept the idea of an inevitable American decline, we also can't be diluted with happy talk. Decline will not be averted by looking at our situation through rose colored glasses telling Americans that everything is fine.  Our goal from a national security perspective vis-à-vis the CCP is very simple. We win; They lose.”

As Israel commits to war against the Hamas terror group, and as U.S. foreign adversaries continue to threaten American interests, DeSantis says that he will set forth a bold war footing by "delivering a fleet of 355 warships" by the of his first term in office.

DeSantis also proposes that  he will create "Rings of Fire" in the Pacific to deter Chinese aggression. The military deterrence will consist of ground-based missiles.

This makes the sixth major policy announcement DeSantis has made since launching his campaign. It follows his promises to:

  1. Stop the invasion and secure the border
  2. Return to a mission first military
  3. Declare America's economic independence
  4. Revive American energy dominance
  5. Support America’s veterans


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Jim McCool

Jim McCool

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