Lawsuit Reform Could Help Save Small Florida Businesses

Lawsuit Reform Could Help Save Small Florida Businesses

September 11, 2023

I’ve got lots of friends with small businesses, and I can tell you that the economy is still not quite right.

I know the big banks and investors seem to be doing okay in the stock market, but our cost-of-living is going out of sight.

A couple of the big issues are inflation and rising insurance. When I say insurance, it is across the board.

Auto, home, medical.

I really like what the legislature did recently on reining in lawsuits.

That should help contain some of the costs of insurance and maybe slow down some of the fraudulent scams that also make insurance costs go up, but I still see the lawsuit billboards up, and every person I know with a small business is scared to death of being sued.

We are hoping and praying that we will soon see the lawsuit reforms help make insurance more affordable.

In the meantime, maybe it is time to start talking about stopping these billboards that seem to offer a lottery ticket to anyone who is willing to sue someone.


Ernesto Rivera Vega

19113 Lone Creek Ct.

Land O Lakes, FL 34638


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