Florida, The Frivolous Lawsuit State

Florida, The Frivolous Lawsuit State

June 28, 2023

Florida is finally turning the corner.  But perhaps there is more work to be done.  I am referring to our state’s reputation not as the freedom state but as the frivolous lawsuit state.

Every year, the American Tort Reform Association releases their judicial hellholes list, and Florida just recently moved off of that list as our state was known for having loopholes that would allow frivolous lawsuits to suck money out of every consumer’s pocket.  I am all in favor of folks having access to a lawyer and the courtroom if they need it, but the claim has to be legit – not just looking for a pot of gold.

For me and my wife, every dollar we earn means something, and if frivolous lawsuits truly are driving prices on insurance and healthcare higher, then I am glad for what the governor and the legislature did in this last session with a package of reforms that should bring costs down across the board for everyone.

And no one should believe every advertisement on every billboard.  Looks to me like the only people making real money off this process are the ones on the billboards.

Letter to Editor

Mike Wheeler

7915 Waxwood Drive

Port Richey, FL  34668

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