DeSantis Unveils Declaration of Economic Independence

DeSantis Unveils Declaration of Economic Independence

“We are letting the American Dream slip away.”

Daniel Molina
Daniel Molina
September 25, 2023

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) has unveiled his declaration of economic independence. After releasing his Freedom to Fuel energy plan, Governor DeSantis continues to share his platform for the presidency.

In a message to supporters, DeSantis warned that “we are letting the American Dream slip away.” The theme for Republicans regarding the upcoming election is that the country cannot survive another four years of Biden. One of the reasons being “the suffering that the Harris-Biden administration has imposed on hardworking Americans.”

In order to address this concern, DeSantis has unveiled his Declaration of Economic Independence, which seeks to restore the economy by focusing on 10 key points.

  1. Taking back control of our economy from China and restoring our economic sovereignty.
  2. Achieving 3% growth by incentivizing investment, eliminating bureaucracy and red tape, and keeping taxes low.
  3. Unleashing American energy independence.
  4. Ending environmental, social, and governance standards and political engineering by large investors.
  5. Restoring merit and respect for the individual as the central criteria for economic advancement.
  6. Reforming our education system and lowering barriers to entry for working class Americans.
  7. Creating a fair labor market by securing the border and enforcing our laws.
  8. Reining in the federal reserve.
  9. Opposing bailouts and holding bad economic actors responsible.
  10. Fighting reckless and wasteful federal spending.

DeSantis’ plan is to reinvigorate “an economy where Americans are empowered to build, to own, and to support flourishing families and communities.” As such, he promises that his plan “will increase wages and productivity, and create jobs, while easing America’s class divisions and unleashing a new era of growth, prosperity, and civic pride.”

The DeSantis campaign has struggled in recent weeks, undergoing a campaign team shakeup while also taking a nosedive in presidential polls. Despite the struggle, DeSantis remains confident that he can become the Republican nominee.

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Daniel Molina

Daniel Molina

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