DeSantis Expects to Serve Two Terms as President

DeSantis Expects to Serve Two Terms as President

“We can have great sloganeering, we can have great debates, but if we’re not ultimately gonna get this done, none of it matters.

Daniel Molina
Daniel Molina
September 29, 2023

The same week that Vice President Kamala Harris (R) arrived in South Florida to drive up support for a Biden-Harris ticket, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) was fending off challengers on the debate stage. With President Donald Trump (R) out of the picture, all eyes were on the runner-up in the polls. During an interview with Fox News, DeSantis shared his assessment of the debate, suggesting that he envisions himself serving two terms as president.

This week, Vice President Harris stopped by Miami, Florida as part of her “Fight for Our Freedoms” tour.

In speaking on a number of issues including voting rights and gun control, the issues covered, Democrats argue, have been exacerbated under a DeSantis administration. Even worse, should DeSantis become president, Democrats fear this could drum up the worst of consequences for the country.

In contrast, DeSantis argues that his leadership could enact the changes necessary for the country, but for him to do so, he needs to win the Republican nomination, which appears to be in President Trump’s favor.

“We can have great sloganeering, we can have great debates, but if we’re not ultimately gonna get this done, none of it matters,” DeSantis said about the debate in a Fox News segment with Sean Hannity.

DeSantis shared the interview clip on social media wherein he also mentions that he envisions himself not only winning the nomination but also serving two terms as president.

“In 2033 in January, what would I say to the American people after serving two terms? That’s really the vision of you’re gonna be able to get ahead again in this country, we’re gonna have an economy that works for people, we’re gonna have our sovereignty restored and border enforced, we’re gonna make sure that we have education not indoctrination, we will be the world’s leading super power, we will fend off the threat from China successfully, we’re not gonna have crime overrunning every city in America anymore, and we’re gonna restore the constitution so that we have a limited government that works beside us and on our behalf, not a weaponized government that comes after us,” DeSantis expressed.

“If we can do that, we will have restored the shining city on the hill that Reagan talks about, and well turn over America to our kids and grandkids better than we found it.”

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Daniel Molina

Daniel Molina

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