Rubio Derides Biden’s Colombia and Mexico Drug Trafficking Approach as Enriching Cartels

Rubio Derides Biden’s Colombia and Mexico Drug Trafficking Approach as Enriching Cartels

Mateo Guillamont
Mateo Guillamont
July 24, 2023

Florida Senator Marco Rubio has criticized President Joe Biden administration’s illegal drug interdiction policies in Colombia and Mexico. 

Regarding Colombia, Senator Rubio criticizes President Biden’s policies for supporting Colombian President Gustavo Petro’s nefarious policies. President Petro is a former terrorist and self-professed Colombian terrorist sympathizer.  Rubio claims Petro’s policies are gutting Colombia’s national economy while financing drug kingpins. 

Concerning Mexico, Rubio expressed concern over a proposed new FDA  rule to ban certain tobacco products. According to Rubio, the rule may create an opportunity for Mexican transnational crime organizations (TCOs) to expand their black market operations. 

Late last week, Rubio wrote explaining how Biden is enabling drug cartel expansion and flourishment in Colombia. Rubio noted the White House’s sudden and unjustified termination of a decades long cocaine production monitoring program and Petro’s erosion of drug interdiction efforts. Rubio claims Biden seeks Petro’s favor to “ satisfy progressive activists and the socialist sympathizers in his State Department.” In so doing, Rubio warns Biden is “turning a blind eye as violence and crime rise to appease a would-be socialist dictator”.

Further north, Rubio likewise questioned Biden’s Food and Drug Administration's  latest proposed rule for potentially inciting illegal Mexican drug trafficking. 

In a joint letter with Senator Bill Cassidy, Rubio foreshadowed “the expansion of…smuggling operations” absent meticulous investigation of the rule’s potential consequences. The FDA rule Rubio cites would prohibit the sale of certain popular tobacco products.

Mexican Transnational Crime Organizations (TCOs) already indirectly possess major stakes in the illegal and legal sale of tobacco products. Rubio explained FDA rules increasing the number of banned tobacco products will not obliviate such products but rather divert production into the drug cartel-monopolized black market.

Rubio urged the FDA to  “examine how the black market, Mexican Transnational Crime Organizations, and other criminal groups will benefit from their proposed rule to prohibit the sale of tobacco products.”


Some of the staunchest criticism Rubio has lobbed at Biden concern the latter’s South American foreign diplomacy. Rubio recently also decried Biden’s push for renewing bilateral relations with Venezuela.

Namely, Rubio denounced Biden’s purported intention for encouraging democracy in Venezuela via renewed oil trade. Rubio sees Biden’s democratic messaging as a masquerade for offsetting domestic oil production losses and consequently financing Maduro’s tyrannical regime.  

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Mateo Guillamont

Mateo Guillamont

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