Gaetz Demands Data from Girlfriend of FBI Agent Who Shut Down Hunter Biden Probe

Gaetz Demands Data from Girlfriend of FBI Agent Who Shut Down Hunter Biden Probe

Grayson Bakich
Grayson Bakich
April 5, 2023

Representative Matt Gaetz (R-FL) has demanded the data of a Twitter account belonging to a supposed girlfriend of Timothy Thibault, an FBI agent accused of halting the investigation of Hunter Biden's laptop in 2020.

Thibault's girlfriend in question, Melissa "Missy" Morgan-Ransome, allegedly threatened that "the FBI is going to retaliate" against whistleblowers on the Hunter Biden investigation and held "insider knowledge" on the investigation.

"The Twitter account of disgraced FBI agent Timothy Thibault's girlfriend was uncovered this past weekend. Her public tweets suggest the FBI is going to retaliate against the whistleblowers who came forward to Congress about his role in covering up Hunter Biden's laptop. The account also alludes to having insider knowledge on both the whistleblowers and the congressional investigations into Mr. Thibault. Today, I’m sending a letter to Twitter, and Melissa “Missy” Morgan-Ransome herself, to preserve all data and records related to the now-deleted @MissyMorganFit account," said Rep. Gaetz.

In July, Rep. Gaetz interrogated Assistant Attorney General Matthew Olsen on FBI whistleblowers who came forward to Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) and spoke of the FBI "ratholing" potentially damning information related to Hunter Biden.

Special Agent Thibault has been under investigation for potentially violating the Hatch Act due to his apparent anti-Trump tweets, which makes him most likely suspect to have ordered the Hunter Biden probe shut down, despite denying his involvement in the investigation.

However, this did not stop him from suddenly leaving the FBI in August.

This is where Melissa Morgan-Ransome comes in.

Journalist Greg Price was able to capture screenshots of her Instagram account, where she has pictures with Thibault, prior to its deletion.

On her Twitter account @MissyMorganFit, she allegedly accused the whistleblowers of "lying" and seemingly threatened that they "aren't as anonymous as they believe." Morgan-Ransome also said Thibault will be "vindicated" in spite of Republican "slander."

The account, however, has since been deleted, as noted by Gaetz and Price.

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Grayson Bakich

Grayson Bakich

Florida born and raised, Grayson Bakich is a recent recipient of a Master’s Degree in Political Science at the University of Central Florida. His thesis examined recent trends in political polarization and how this leads into justification of violence.

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