FIU Develops New Tech to Accurately Diagnose Strokes

FIU Develops New Tech to Accurately Diagnose Strokes

FIU's rise continues to benefit everybody

Jim McCool
Jim McCool
April 21, 2023

Florida International University has recently led state universities across Florida in technological advancements, quality education, and contributing to the local economy.  The next feather in FIU's cap is a new algorithmic technology that diagnoses strokes with an 84% success rate.

The project that has taken four years to develop seems to be making finalizing headway.  Professor Min Chen described his project as, "more like human and machine collaboration."  The algorithm uses hospital data and social determinants of health data to diagnose a stroke before lab results or diagnostic images are available.

“It’s going to predict whether the patient is at high risk or not based on a machine learning algorithm, and then if it’s high risk, it generates a popup to the care team at the emergency department,” Chen said.

As of right now, the new technology is being implemented experimentally across ERs, but the developers hope that it will soon be an easily accessible and local treatment.  The algorithm could potentially save uncountable lives in the future for people who will have strokes.

This is the latest in a wave of FIU accomplishments.  The school was recognized last month for being 15th in the nation for their Public Health & Social Work.

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Jim McCool

Jim McCool

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