Cava Comments on gas Crisis in South Florida

Cava Comments on gas Crisis in South Florida

Daniel Molina
Daniel Molina
April 19, 2023

For the past week, South Florida has been hit with strong rain and strong winds. Subsequently, Floridians raced to gas stations, anticipating that troubled days were ahead. As widespread flooding has struck South Florida, gas has now become either hard to find a commodity that will have you waiting almost an hour to get. In response, Miami-Dade County Mayor Daniella Levine Cava issued a statement regarding the gas crisis.

As South Floridians travel to gas stations, they have encountered long lines or signs informing them that there is no gasoline in that location.

"We know residents struggled to find gas at the pumps following last week's heavy rainfall, as widespread flooding across South Florida delayed regular gas delivery," Cava noted in a statement distributed across social media.

In an effort to quickly remedy the concern, Cava affirmed that her administration "worked closely with our state and federal partners to restore regular gasoline distribution across our community," adding that "operational companies are loading trucks with fuel to deliver to gas stations around the clock and additional companies in Tampa and Port Canaveral are sending fuel to supplement supply."

"With the improved weather, we expect distribution will continue to improve and anticipate no additional gas shortage" Cava further explained.

The Miami-Dade County Mayor also addressed people heading out to gas stations to get gas if they don't need it. "As local gas stations are now receiving regular shipments, we ask that residents... think twice before they head to the pump," she mentioned, commenting that "by purchasing gas only when you need it, you can help local pumps stabilize operations and return to regular service o our residents more efficiently."

During a state of emergency, it is illegal to price gouge, and Cava has called on Floridians to report any price gouging they come across while trying to get gas.

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Daniel Molina

Daniel Molina

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