House Homeland GOP Visits Southern Border

House Homeland GOP Visits Southern Border

“We are grateful for Texas stepping up to do what the Biden admin won’t.”

Daniel Molina
Daniel Molina
March 15, 2023

Tension at the border has increased since footage of migrants rushing the U.S. border at El Paso was released. Republicans continue to add pressure to the Biden administration, calling on it to address the growing concern. This week, members of the House Homeland GOP visited the southern border, arguing that they will hold the Biden administration accountable.

Several members from Florida attended the southern border including Florida Rep. Carlos Gimenez (R), Florida Rep. Laurel Lee (R), and they were also joined by Marcus Luttrell, a retired U.S. Navy Seal.

The U.S. House of Representatives Homeland Security Committee Republicans shared pictures from the border trip, sharing that they had joined the Texas Department of Public Safety.

Their visit was “to see their operations to secure Texas & protect Americans firsthand,” adding that they “are grateful for Texas stepping up to do what the Biden admin won’t.”

Over the weekend, footage was released of migrants rushing the border at El Paso, and the scene unfolded after it was rumored that they would be allowed to cross into the United States.

According to CBS, the crowd of mainly Venezuelans gathered near the entrance of a bridge that connected Mexico’s Ciudad Juarez to El Paso, Texas.

Because of frustrations from delays and dealing with the difficulty of applying for asylum in the United States, some of the migrants told AFP that they thought they would be allowed to enter because of an alleged “day of the migrant.”

Tennessee Rep. Mark Green (R), the Chairman of the Republican Homeland Security Committee, released a video providing an update on the visit. In the video, Green shared that they spoke to local leaders and members of ICE to see "what happened to create such a mass wave of people coming across the southern border."

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Daniel Molina

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