Nikki Fried Will Lead the Florida Democratic Party

Nikki Fried Will Lead the Florida Democratic Party

Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres
February 25, 2023

Former Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried is the new face of the Florida Democratic Party, defeating former State Senator Annette Taddeo by 52% of the vote.

Rep. Jared Moskowitz was one of the first to congratulate Fried, stating the obvious uphill climb Florida Democrats face against the DeSantis-driven Republican Party of Florida (RPOF).

Congrats to@NikkiFried. We have a lot of work to do. I know she is up to the challenge,” stated Rep.Moskowitz.

Florida Republicans were also quick to respond to Fried’s narrow victory,  stating the quiet part that Democrats don’t want anyone to know.

“Radical Nikki Fried who got walloped in the Democrat primary for governor will become the new face of a party that doesn’t even like her. That’s on brand for a party that clearly has no bottom,” stated RPOF Communications Director Julie Friedland.

Newly-elected RPOF Chairman Christian Ziegler also offer his views about Fried.

“After four years of being a statewide elected official, Fried’s own Democrats overwhelmingly rejected her. A clear showcase that she will not be able to effectively energize and mobilize the Party she wants to lead or the Independents she needs to win over. As the Florida GOP Chairman, I cannot think of a more ineffective, yet ideal candidate for the Democrats to send into battle against us,” stated Chairman Ziegler in a response for comment.

Several months ago, when The Floridian first floated the idea that she could run and win the chairmanship were she decide to run, Fried emphatically stated in a phone call that she would not want the job, especially how the Florida Democrats treated her during the 2022 Democratic gubernatorial primary race against former Rep. Charlie Crist.

Fried recently spoke to The Floridian about her upcoming chairman’s election and her plans of “rebranding” her political party.

“It's about the people and our state. It’s about one-party control of the state, really one person, and Democracy going by the wayside,” said Fried on why she decided to run. “If I have the opportunity to lift the party and bring back democracy to our state,  I was willing to be part of the rebuilding of the Democratic Party.”

Will Florida Democrats have that "come to Jesus moment" that Rep. Sheila Cherfilus-McCormick stated Florida Democrats needed to have?

Read the rest of the interview here.

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Javier Manjarres

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