Biden Dismisses Southern Border Crisis

Biden Dismisses Southern Border Crisis

Daniel Molina
Daniel Molina
December 6, 2022

President Joe Biden on a trip to Arizona this week managed to infuriate Republicans again which when he was asked if he would be visiting the border while he was in the state. President Biden shrugged off the thought, arguing that "there are more important things going on."

Since President Biden assumed office, Republicans have warned that tension at the border is growing. Both Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) have directed criticism at the Biden administration, claiming that the president is not directly addressing the concern. Moreover, both have also sent undocumented immigrants to blue states, which has been met with negative feedback.

While visiting Arizona, Biden was asked "why would you visit our state and not visit the border?" In response, the president expressed that there are more pressing concerns, and Republican lawmakers are now responding.

Taking to social media, Arizona gubernatorial hopeful Kari Lake (R) called the president's response "disgusting," writing that "Joe Biden visits Arizona & accidentally confirms what we all knew: he does not care one bit about the Border Crisis."

Texas Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R), who's frequently criticized Biden on issues related to the border and the military, also chimed in on social media, writing "I guess thousands of illegal crossings every day, drug cartels in full operational control of our border, and fentanyl killing almost 80,000 Americans doesn't land on his priority list."

Rep. Crenshaw further questioned the response, calling it "an insane statement."

"Not surprising from an administration that has set records for encounters and negligence - over 14,000lbs [sic] of fentanyl smuggled in just this year, crossings up 200% since 2020, and 73,000 getaways just last month," expressed Crenshaw, adding that "it's clear Biden doesn't care about the crisis his administration has created at our border - but Republicans do and we're ready to hold the administration accountable on January 3rd."

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Daniel Molina

Daniel Molina

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