Crenshaw Introduces Declaring War on Cartels Act

Crenshaw Introduces Declaring War on Cartels Act

“They’re poisoning street drugs with fentanyl and they’re doing it on purpose.

Daniel Molina
Daniel Molina
November 28, 2022

Issues at the border continue to grow tense as the GOP continues to tackle drug cartels. Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) recently declared that immigration from Mexico is an invasion, and his decision to send immigrants on buses to blue states has been met with criticism.

To address drug cartels and illegal immigration, Texas Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R) has introduced the Declaring War on the Cartels Act.

During an interview with Fox News, Rep. Crenshaw pushed back against drug cartels while also laying blame to the Biden administration for not doing anything regarding the “war” against drug cartels.

“They’re poisoning street drugs with fentanyl and they’re doing it on purpose,” Crenshaw said of drug cartels, adding that this facilitates the ongoing “immigration crisis.”

In response to the concern, Crenshaw says it’s time that “we go to war with them,” saying that the Mexican government should be cooperating on addressing the issue. This is why Crenshaw has introduced the Declaring War on the Cartels Act.

With this legislation, Crenshaw explained that it “would increase penalties for them, it would increase our authority to go after them, it would basically treat them like terrorists, but also allow us to sanction those who aid and abet them.”

Crenshaw further explained that this legislation would be targeting "the Mexican government... the corrupt Mexican officials that aid and abet these people... they have to be stopped."

For Crenshaw, the issue should not be a partisan issue, and he believes that it "has to be a whole of government approach with CBP leading the charge, but also with the DEA, the CIA, the FBI, the Military."

Calling it "a serious problem," Crenshaw warned that the United States is facing "some of the most well-equipped, well-armed, most dangerous people on Earth just south of our border and Mexico is at risk of becoming a failed narco state."

In Florida, Gov. Ron DeSantis and members of the Florida Republican Congressional Caucus believe that the state, along with every other state in the union, is a "border state."

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Daniel Molina

Daniel Molina

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