Waltz Asks 'Where's Pete Buttigieg?' on Rail Strike

Waltz Asks 'Where's Pete Buttigieg?' on Rail Strike

“The cost of diesel is through the roof.

Daniel Molina
Daniel Molina
November 28, 2022

Florida Rep. Mike Waltz (R) is one again taking issue with the Biden administration, signaling that it’s absent amidst the ongoing rail strike concern. Specifically, Waltz questioned “Where’s Pete Buttigieg?” on trying to negotiate a path forward.

Waltz said that Buttigieg, who’s currently the Secretary of Transportation, has been absent on trying to negotiate a deal for the rail strike. If it exacerbates, given the current rise of diesel costs, Waltz says that it “will be a one-two shot to an already struggling economy.”

During an interview with Fox & Friends, the Biden administration critic further lambasted Buttigieg, explaining that “the cost of diesel is through the roof,” adding that “the average trucker used to spend $300, $400 to fill up his rig.” However, “now, he’s spending over $1,000.”

Questioning the efforts of Buttigieg amidst the conflict, Waltz called Buttigieg “our vaunted Secretary of Transportation that should be fixing this problem.”

Waltz argued that Buttigieg dropped the ball on the “ports problem just last year,” but Waltz attributed the issue to the Biden administration “finding ways to continue hurting our economy.”

Over the weekend, Pennsylvania Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick (R) said that the GOP is committed to ensuring that a possible rail strike doesn't further affect the economy. Companies and railroad unions are currently involved in discussions, and Fitzpatrick mentioned that "congressional intervention is a last resort" during a Fox News Sunday interview.

However, if the discussion between companies and railroad unions falls through, Fitzpatrick assured that Congress "will not let this strike happen."

Buttigieg recently spoke to NewsNation, commenting that a strike "is not acceptable," but he did not go into detail regarding if President Joe Biden (D) will support the efforts of those going on strike.

“We’ve got to get to a solution that does not subject the American economy to the threat of a shutdown,” Buttigieg said, adding that “we don’t have enough trucks or barges or ships in this country to make up for the rail network.”

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Daniel Molina

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