Crist's Running Mate Mocks DeSantis, Says he Likes to Play Dress up [Video]

Crist's Running Mate Mocks DeSantis, Says he Likes to Play Dress up [Video]

Did she call him a cross-dresser?

Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres
October 12, 2022

MIAMI—Shortly before Democratic gubernatorial nominee Charlie Crist took the stage to address 200 or so Pro-Choice supports at his rally in Little Havana, Lt. Governor pick Karla Hernandez-Mats slighted Gov. Ron DeSantis by saying that while he was afraid of “drag queens,” he still liked to “play dress up.”

“Here's the thing about the DeSantis. He's a fragile man.  He's scared. He’s scared of gay people. He’s scared of drag queens, which is kind of odd because he does like to play dress up in the Top Gun costume,” said Hernandez-Mats.

Hernandez-Mats' cross-dressing comment is in reference to Gov. DeSantis filing a complaint against a drag club in Miami where children were seen in the presence of drag queens performing “sexually explicit drag shows.”

As far as the "Top Gun costume" she mentions, well, that is in reference to a campaign ad where DeSantis spoofed the recently-released Top Gun motion picture sequel.

“They actually had agents going to this place and effectively just gathering information, getting intelligence, seeing what’s going on,” said DeSantis. “And what they found was not only were there minors there — and these are sexually explicit drag shows — the bar had a children’s menu. And you think to yourself: ‘Give me a break, what’s going on?”

Shortly after Hernandez-Mats left the stage, Crist took the stage where he expressed his disappointment in DeSantis, telling his supporters that they “deserve” better.

“This is the 4th quarter. I'm an old quarterback. I know what it takes to win a game in the end, and it's called fighting hard, telling the truth, and doing what's right and caring about you,” said Crist.  “You deserve a governor who's got a heart. You deserve a governor who will fight for your freedom. You deserve a governor who will get your utility bills down. You deserve a governor who will get your property insurance bills down.

Crist continued, stating that “Ron doesn’t care,” and that the Governor only cared about his “political future and running for president to try to be the Republican nominee in 2024.”

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Javier Manjarres

Javier Manjarres

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