Casey DeSantis Visits First Responders in SW Florida

Casey DeSantis Visits First Responders in SW Florida

Mateo Guillamont
Mateo Guillamont
October 7, 2022

First Lady Casey DeSantis visited first responders supporting Hurricane Ian recovery efforts in Lee County.

Mrs. DeSantis personally served hot meals to nearly forty men and women who have been carrying out search and rescue missions in the most ravaged communities and had the opportunity to speak with individual first responders and thank them for their unrelenting servitude.

When asked about her visit by an NBC reporter, DeSantis stated that it “Meant the world to (her) and to the Governor” to be alongside and supporting first supporters.

DeSantis added that she “wanted to come out here firsthand and say thank you to all the first respondents from all around the state who are coming out here to serve the communities in need. I couldn’t be more appreciative of their efforts and of their service”.

To the communities most affected by Hurricane Ian, DeSantis assured them that the Governor and her will “be with you every step of the way”.

According to NBC’s report,  Mrs. DeSantis also compared Lee Counties’ post-Ian struggles with her own previous struggles against cancer.

DeSantis allegedly stated it will be “key for people to lean on one another in order to overcome what could be seen as an insurmountable time period”.

Hurricane Ian has caused private property damages nearing $63 billion and left 70 dead, with the number expected to rise as more details emerge.

Since Hurricane Ian departed Florida, Governor Ron DeSantis has been on-site providing nonstop assistance to those in need. Similarly, other local, state, and national officials have been focusing their undivided attentions on responding to the Hurricane’s devastation. Florida Senators Marco Rubio and Rick Scott, as well as other state officials, have also been actively surveying Ian's damages.

Recently, however, some media outlets have begun undermining pre-hurricane preparatory measures taken by some officials. Namely, reports are questioning Lee County’s evacuation orders’ timing. While mostly brushing such narratives aside, local and state officials have defended the preventative pre-hurricane measures that were taken.

Controversy or not, DeSantis’ team’s support of relief efforts shows no signs of letting up any time soon.


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Mateo Guillamont

Mateo Guillamont

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