Mayor Levine Cava Announces HOMES Plan

Mayor Levine Cava Announces HOMES Plan

"My proposed budget offers immediate relief in the form of the lowest property tax rate since 1982."

Daniel Molina
Daniel Molina
August 29, 2022

Miami-Dade County Mayor Daniella Levine Cava has taken to social media to announce the county's housing initiative called the HOMES plan. The announcement comes after Floridians have faced skyrocketing prices.

On Twitter, the Miami Dade County Mayor championed the HOMES plan, saying that her administrations understands "that residents are facing a housing affordability crisis, and this plan will bring relief for struggling homeowners and renters, create more housing, and preserve and enhance existing affordable housing."

For months, Levine Cava has ventured to address the cost of living in Miami Dade county.

The HOMES plan is an $85 million investment, and Levine Cava calls it "a critical component" of her proposed 2022-2023 County budget.

The acronym HOMES stands for housing preservation, opening new doors through innovative programs, mortgage and utilities relief for struggling homeowners, expanding Emergency Rental Assistance Program, and secure new housing units.

In announcing the plan, Mayor Levine Cava expressed that her administration is “looking to provide direct support to residents across our community – from middle-class families who own their homes and are behind on their bills, or those whose rents have skyrocketed, to low-income households and those experiencing homelessness, as well as small landlords and the developers who are building new housing to meet our community’s needs."

"That’s why my proposed budget offers immediate relief in the form of the lowest property tax rate since 1982 – a $25 million tax break for residents – and makes a historic investment in solutions to the housing crisis,” she added.

 The plan is scheduled for a vote in September by the Miami-Dade Board of County Commissioners.

Mayor Levine Cava has expressed that if the issue is not addressed, “we could be losing entire classes of people.”

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