Anthony Sabatini Lies About Voting for DeSantis's 2022 'Freedom First' Budget

Anthony Sabatini Lies About Voting for DeSantis's 2022 'Freedom First' Budget

Sabatini voted against it before he said he voted for it

Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres
August 12, 2022

Most people look forward to checking their mailboxes every day to see what may have been sent to them, but that may not be the case for controversial State Rep. Anthony Sabatini, who recently dodged a debate with six of his Republican congressional opponents in Oviedo, Florida.

It’s campaign season, and just as Early Voting is set to begin, the American Liberty Action PAC has launched a bruising $800,000 campaign against Rep. Sabatini, which includes (3) poignant and accurate attacks ads that have hit Republican mailboxes throughout Florida's 7th congressional district.

Not only have the attack ads hit mailboxes, but a huge and saturating TV ad buy has also been airing throughout the Orlando media market.

The line of attack against Sabatini is predicated on the firebrand legislator's unforced errors he has made.

anthony SAbatini
Anthony Sabatini

The ads hit Sabatini for being a former registered Democrat that voted in both the 2008 and 2012 Democratic primary elections. The Floridian was the first and only outlet to report Sabatini’s Democratic voting record.

Sabatini threatened legal action against The Floridian because he did not like the title of the story but later apologized for losing his cool.

In addition, Sabatini’s well-documented missed votes in the Florida Legislature and his vote against Gov. Ron DeSantis’s “Freedom First” state budget, are also being used against him.

Sabatini recently tried to dispel the fact that he voted against the DeSantis budget, which included funding for wounded veterans and police funding, by stating on his Facebook page that he has for all of DeSantis's budgets.

First, Sabatini boasted on Twitter that he voted against the budget, a budget vote where he sided with Progressive State Rep. Anna Eskamani (D) and five other Democrats.

Sabatini's claim that he voted for every DeSantis budget is patently false.

This is not the only fib Sabatini has recently told. Sabatini has also stated that he helped Gov. DeSantis pass "Constitutional Carry" legislation. Constitutional Carry never made it to the House floor, so there was no possible way it could have been voted on and sent to DeSantis's desk to be signed.

Here is Sabatini's tweet stating he voted against DeSantis's budget:

Sabatini, who uses every opportunity to call any Republican he disagrees with as a Republican In Name Only (RINO), has fallen out of favor with many conservative Republicans, including Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, Senator Ted Cruz, Rep. Byron Donalds, Rep, Kat Cammack, and many other Republican state and federally elected officials.

Here is the American Liberty Action PAC that is currently running:

Gov. DeSantis recently told The Floridian that those who oppose his budget "could be held accountable" for doing so

In the latest poll conducted by The Floridian on August 10 at a debate hosted by Seminole Republican Women’s, Federated, Sabatini was crushed by both former Navy Seal Brady Duke and combat veteran Cory Mills.

Of the 172 likely Republican voters polled, Mills received 101 votes, Duke received 57 votes, and Sabatini was only able to garner 3 votes.

This poll appears to be in line with other polls that show Sabatini slipping, while both Mills and Duke are rising in the public opinion surveys.

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Javier Manjarres

Javier Manjarres

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