Pruden Says Moskowitz 'Unsuitable' for Congress After Hillary Clinton  Endorsement

Pruden Says Moskowitz 'Unsuitable' for Congress After Hillary Clinton Endorsement

Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres
July 11, 2022

In Florida’s Congressional District 23, Republican candidate James (“Jim”) Pruden reacted to the recent Hillary Clinton endorsement of Democratic congressional candidate Jared Moskowitz, who Pruden expects to be his ultimate contender in the 2022 general election.

Clinton’s endorsement and Moskowitz’s response is a stunning revelation of the character of the representation the residents of Florida’s 23rd District would receive if Moskowitz were to be elected.  It’s business as usual for Hillary Clinton and her favored operatives in the Democrat Party,” said Pruden.

Pruden is referring to the past history between Clinton and Moskowitz wherein in 2016, Moskowitz was a Clinton delegate to the Democratic National Convention.  In that campaign cycle, Moskowitz also co-hosted a fundraising event for Clinton in 2015 at the home of his late father, Mike Moskowitz.

It’s the same old insider payback for political favors in total disregard of the optics. Even more concerning is Moskowitz’s character endorsement of Clinton and apparent promise to use her as his role model going forward,” Pruden said.  Pruden refers to Moskowitz’s recent Twitter post where he stated that Clinton was a role model to him.

“I’ve known Sec Clinton since I was 12 years old, and she has been a role model of mine ever since. Her advice and support are major reasons I’m running for Congress,” stated Moskowitz.

As for his critical assessment, Pruden points to the widely reported Clinton character flaws and corruption as characterized in the Washington Examiner’s statement.

“For decades, Hillary Clinton has been a self-serving, corrupt politician desperate for power above all else,” Pruden added. 

Pruden also points to the widely published information on the many alleged Clinton scandals, including, but not limited to, the private email server and destruction of evidence, Clinton Foundation irregularities, Russian dealings, Whitewater, Marc Rich, Benghazi, and accepting inordinate gifts.

The latest scandal was recently revealed on March 29, 2022 in a letter from the Federal Election Commission (“FEC”) as relating to the $1 million payment that the law firm Perkins Coie received.  As widely reported, the DNC and Clinton campaign paid Fusion GPS through Perkins Coie to perform opposition research on President Trump’s campaign with the intent of fraudulently influencing the outcome of the 2016 presidential election through a fake and now completely debunked dossier compiled by Christopher Steele.

That event ultimately ended up as an FEC complaint from Dan Backer, counsel for Coolidge Reagan.

That complaint in turn prompted the Clinton campaign and DNC to agree to enter into a settlement (“conciliation agreement”) with the FEC in an apparent rush to hush up the matter, and obtain a dismissal so as to avoid prosecution.  It was widely reported that Dan Backer said in a related statement that “This may well be the first time that Hillary Clinton — one of the most corrupt politicians in American history — has actually been held legally accountable, and I’m proud to have forced the FEC to do their job for once.”

In taking notice of the mounting Clinton scandals and character flaws, Pruden continued, focusing on Moskowitz’s use of the term “role model” when referring to Clinton.

Now just four months later, Jared Moskowitz brazenly states that Hillary Clinton is his role model.  That, taken with his claims of embracing the radical progressive agenda, makes him completely unsuitable for this office,” adding, Among the many damaging results of this style of politics, these insiders’ progressive policies have given us open borders with sanctuary cities, racist CRT indoctrination of school children, tolerance of unfettered crime, cultural instability, national economic ruin, corrupt foreign influence, unbearable gasoline and food prices, empty shelves and inflation at the highest level not seen in 40 years. These are the policies and politics that the voters intend to reject in the November 2022 election.”

Jim Pruden is running in a contested Republican primary race against Darlene Swaffar and state committeeman Joe Budd. Moskowitz is also running in contested primary race. Hava Holzhauer and former Fort Lauderdale City Commissioner Ben Sorensen.

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Javier Manjarres

Javier Manjarres

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