Jim Mooney Accused of Being a Tax Cheat in new Attack Ad

Jim Mooney Accused of Being a Tax Cheat in new Attack Ad

Mooney attacked again, legal battle ensues

Jim McCool
Jim McCool
July 5, 2022

State House Rep. Jim Mooney (R-120) is currently facing a tough primary race in South Florida, and now the incumbent is being branded a "Tax cheat" after he was accused of allegedly committing tax fraud.

Rep. Mooney's opponent, Rhonda Rebman Lopez (R-120), has launched an aggressive campaign to win back the seat she once occupied.  Although the fight has been intense, a new attack ad, which was not created by Lopez, has alleged that Mooney is a "tax cheat," and equated him with Democrats.

Floridians for Truth Now posted the video on their YouTube channel that claims Mooney is, "delinquent on his own property taxes, and even cheating on his homestead taxes with multiple exemptions."  The narrator asserts that "Looney Mooney," is a tax cheat and, "wants to raise your taxes.  What a hypocrite.  Say no to tax-raising, tax cheating RINO, Jim Looney Mooney."

Freedom for Florida appears to be the group who paid for the advertisement as well.  However, Mooney's team did not sit idly by as the attack ads ensued.  According to documents attained by the Floridian, Mooney's team contends that the accusations are, "patently false," according to Mooney's attorney.

Mooney's representative argues that the advertisements are illegitimate, as the video is not backed by a specific candidate.  The letter also argues that the FCC rules do not obligate this, "third party," to airing the advertisement.  Freedom for Florida however, did not seem to back down.

The organization dug their heels in on the accusations present in the video.  The attorneys for Freedom for Florida cite the two properties Mooney owns as evidence of Mooney being a, "tax cheat," and holding that the advertisement itself does not violate the Florida Constitution or state statutes (Florida Statute Chapter 106.1439).

In combined taxes, Mooney appears to have paid $761.64 in total taxes.

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Jim McCool

Jim McCool

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