Florida's Alimony Reform Bill Backed by Big Conservative Groups

Florida's Alimony Reform Bill Backed by Big Conservative Groups

Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres
April 10, 2022

Family First Senate Alimony Reform Bill 1796 is garnering unprecedented support from Conservative and Christian-based organizations across the country.

The “Alimony Reform bill” would allow for legal divorce cases to start with the “presumption of 50/50 time-sharing” between parents or guardians.

The measure helps mitigate the financial stresses and burdens that come about during a divorce.

Heritage Action, the D.C.-based conservative organization has released a statement in support of the legislative measure that is being sent to Gov. Ron DeSantis’s desk for his signature.

Executive Director Jessica Anderson calls the bill “smart” and one that if focused on making the divorce system “simple” and “fair” for both parents involved in the case of a divorce that involves child custody,” and urges Gov. DeSantis to sign the bill into law.

“Divorce is a painful process, emotionally and financially, that too often hurts children and parents while enriching divorce lawyers. SB 1796 is a smart bill that takes an important step towards a simple, fair divorce system that helps children to be raised by both their mother and their father. While the Left and their allies in the divorce bar seek to divide families and sever connections between parents and children, Florida’s legislators are working to keep families together as much as possible and reduce the animosity of the process.

SB 1796 would bring some much-needed sanity to Florida’s divorce laws, reforming rules regarding alimony, giving predictability and reducing litigation, and giving parents more equal footing when they enter the courtroom. In particular, the bill creates a presumption that a 50-50 timeshare is best for children. Contrary to what the Left believes, kids do best when both mothers and fathers are involved in their lives, and this bill will encourage that.

It will also discourage divorce lawyers from taking advantage of unfortunate circumstances in children’s lives and exploiting them for financial gain or using them as pawns in court. We urge Governor DeSantis to sign the bill (alimony reform).

Miami-based Christian Family Coalition led by Anthony Verdugo, also sent a letter to Gov. DeSantis advocating for SB 1796, stating that children have “a right to spend time with both parents” and that both parents should be “equally” involved in the life of the children caught up in a divorce.

“We strongly believe that both parents should be involved in the lives of their children. Moreover, we strongly believe that children have a right to spend time with both parents. A presumption that both parents should be equally involved in their children’s lives is common sense and good for Florida families. This is especially true since, under the proposed Senate Bill 1796, our state’s judges would still have the final say on time-sharing after reviewing almost two dozen factors that exist in law today. We respectfully encourage you to sign SB 1796 into law,” stated Verdugo.

Gov. DeSantis could sign the bill into law prior to the beginning of the special legislative session to address redistricting slated for April 19-21.

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Javier Manjarres

Javier Manjarres

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