Florida Democrats Fail Floridians While Republicans Deliver

Florida Democrats Fail Floridians While Republicans Deliver

March 30, 2022

By RNC Co-Chairman Tommy Hicks, Jr.

It’s amazing to think that Florida Democrats assume they can double down on Joe Biden’s failed radical policies and have a fighting chance in the coming midterm elections against successful Republican leadership.

Florida Democrat Rep. Charlie Crist, who is running against Republican Governor Ron DeSantis, is a prime example. He recently joined Biden in pushing the totally false narrative that DeSantis’ “Parental Rights in Education” bill (H.B. 1557) is somehow “hateful,” referring to it as the “Don’t Say Gay” bill. This is extremely deceptive, especially considering that Crist is selling himself as a candidate who can “bring back good.” Crist should look at the polls – even a majority of Florida Democratic primary voters support DeSantis’ bill. In fact, a recent Redfield & Wilton Strategies poll shows Floridians approve of DeSantis’ job in every major policy area.

Florida Democrats and Biden are admittedly tied at the hip in pushing a radical agenda. Rep. Crist has voted in line with Biden’s position 100 percent of the time. This Congress he has also voted in line with the most radical members of the “Squad” more than 90 percent of the time. Moreover, Florida Democrat Rep. Val Demings, who wants to unseat Republican Senator Marco Rubio, is about as radical as they come. She previously praised the radical Minneapolis City Council as “very thoughtful” for considering dismantling their police department. She is also a member of the House pro-choice caucus and has also voted in line with Biden’s agenda 100 percent of the time.

The real question is: what makes Florida Democrats like Rep. Crist and Rep. Demings think they would represent Floridians well as governor and senator? Biden’s approval rating is underwater among Florida voters, with a solid 54 percent disapproving of the job he is doing.

Already, Floridians are paying the price of failed Democrat policies and Democrats don’t seem to care. Nationally, inflation is at a forty year high and shows no sign of slowing thanks to Biden’s failed policies. Tampa Bay – part of Rep. Crist’s district – is slammed with the highest inflation rate of any metro area in the United States. Furthermore, gas prices across the country are outrageously high thanks to Biden’s anti-American energy policies. While Floridians are paying over $4 per gallon, Biden refuses to unleash the full strength of American energy that would drive down costs. Instead, he would rather legitimize Venezuela’s socialist dictator Nicolas Maduro by reaching out to discuss purchasing more oil. This is a disgraceful sellout that seems to forget Florida has a high concentration of Venezuelan Americans –  many of whom escaped Maduro’s brutal regime.

Meanwhile, Governor DeSantis and Florida Republicans continue to showcase what common sense, pro-freedom, pro-business, and pro-family policies bring. Florida is one of the top states for jobs recovered and people employed. It has also one of the hottest real estate markets in the country and personal income is rising at one of the fastest rates nationwide. Unsurprisingly, Florida is among the top states for inbound migration. These successes are a true testament to Republican leadership – especially considering that at every turn, Biden has waged war on Florida, including politicizing Florida’s COVID response and now villainizing parents for wanting a role in their child’s education.

The Republican Party is engaged and poised to make great inroads in the upcoming midterm elections. We’ve already made history this cycle by flipping a city council seat in Florida’s bellwether county, Duval, which Joe Biden won in 2020.  Democrats have also failed to recruit candidates in some of the few remaining blue districts in the state and have already seen drop-outs like Ted Deutch and Stephanie Murphy. While Democrats give up on Floridians, Republicans are digging deeper and investing in communities more than ever. This includes our Hispanic Community Center in Doral and our Black Community Center in Jacksonville, among other community centers across the country.

In short, Florida Democrats are failing. The Republican Party is working tirelessly to replace Reps. Charlie Crist and Val Demings’ vacated seats and protect Florida’s Republican leadership across the ballot. This is critical – we must keep power in the hands of parents, keep Florida free, and empower Floridians to work and prosper.


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