Laura Loomer Secures Top Republican Operative on Campaign Team

Laura Loomer Secures Top Republican Operative on Campaign Team

MaryAnn Pistilli joins the Loomer team

Jim McCool
Jim McCool
February 21, 2022

In her campaign for the US Congress, Laura Loomer (R), who is running in Florida's 11th District against incumbent Rep. Daniel Webster (R), has seen many milestones achieved, but none like this.  The Loomer campaign has secured a top Florida GOP operative, MaryAnn Pistilli as its new campaign manager.

Pistilli, the founder of Gulf State Strategies, and her unveiled role on the Loomer campaign will have her overseeing day-to-day campaign operations.

In a campaign press release, the Loomer campaign said, “Pistilli will be directly working with candidate Laura Loomer and Laura Loomer for Congress campaign strategist, Karen Giorno and her company Kingston Public Affairs. Giorno served as the 2016 Florida Senior Advisor and Chief Strategist for the Donald J. Trump for President campaign.”

Maryann Pistelli with President Donald Trump
Maryann Pistilli with President Donald Trump

Prior to joining the Loomer campaign, Pistilli served as the State Director for voter registration for the Republican Party of Florida, as well as being the Deputy State Director of Field Operations for the RPOF/Victory during the 2020 presidential election.

From 2016-2022, Pistilli has worked for RPOF/Victory throughout many election cycles.

Florida has recently officially flipped in registered voters from Democrat to Republican, a crucial swing in data considering that Florida is often considered a "purple" state.

Republicans now have a growing voter registration advantage over Democrats in Florida, and Pistilli is being credited for her contribution to that effort.

During the Trump administration, Pistilli acted as the Chairwoman for the Donald J. Trump for President campaign in 2016 and served as the Chairwoman for the Women for DeSantis in 2018.

Pistilli's history does not stop there.  She is also known to have years' worth of experience in grassroots organizing going as far back as the Tea Party movement in 2009.  For the Loomer campaign, Pistilli is a highly respected Florida political operative at the highest levels, a renowned grassroots coordinator, making her a popular and prized Addition to Laura Loomer’s Congressional campaign..

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Jim McCool

Jim McCool

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