Cory Mills: Embracing our America First way of Life

December 20, 2021

By Cory Mills

In less than one year, Americans will head to the polls to vote to overthrow the failing Progressive Socialist experiment and America Last Agenda that Congressional Democrats have been pushing ever since they cheated their way into controlling the three branches of government.

Many Democrats, like RINO Rep. Adam “Kinzie” Kinzinger and Progressive Stephanie Murphy are not waiting to lose their respective races, instead have opted to quit because they don’t want to endure the humiliation the rest of their Democratic colleagues will suffer on election day.

But before “Kinzie” and Murphy bow out, they and other House Democrats and spineless Republicans like Rep.Liz Cheney, are dead set on continuing to divide and destroy the country with their biased and baseless obsession with President Donald Trump.

The so-called “bipartisan” January 6 Committee is nothing more than political theatrics by democrats in hopes to cushion the monumental political train wreck that awaits them next November.

Remember, Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy first offered Pelosi, several Republicans, to help put together her little “bipartisan” committee.

Because the term “fairness” is not a word she uses in her everyday vernacular, Pelosi instead enlisted two of the most anti-Trump and backstabbing Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives to help propagate her witch hunt against President Trump.

It is truly embarrassing how Democrats on this “committee” continue to grasp for straws and target American patriots like Mark Meadows, who unlike, Congressman BullSchiff, has worked to defend the freedoms and liberties that our great Constitution has bestowed upon us.

How desperate are Democrats to stay politically relevant with their bogus “bipartisan” committee?

Cory Mills
Cory Mills

Just like the fabricated and now-debunked Steele Dossier they used to mount their “Fake” Russia collusion case against President Trump, this “committee” recently had to admit that Rep. Adam BullSchiff doctored a text message between Rep. Jim Jordan and Mark Meadows to make their case.

This kind of cheating by Democrats is to be expected.

Democrats have nothing more to offer Americans other than failed socialist ideas, empty political promises, and deceptive campaign tactics in order to win elections and destroy fellow Americans.

But we shouldn’t be in the least bit surprised to see these Progressive Democrats turn their backs on the American people.

We saw their ongoing betrayal of America during the Afghanistan troop retreat, where Biden’s actions cost the lives of 13 U.S. Service members and other American citizens, and now we are less safe and less respected around the world because of his failed leadership.

I, along with a few former U.S. Army special operators, had to do the job of the federal government during the retreat.

We flew to Afghanistan to rescue an American family Biden left behind while the illegitimate president and his lackeys sat on their hands.

House Democrats have refused to denounce Biden’s “lead from behind” military blunder in Afghanistan, which only proves to us all that they will never support the winning America First domestic and foreign agendas that have not only kept Americans safe, but has instilled fear in our adversaries and enemies around the world.

“America First” is a way of life that Americans have lived since the inception of our great nation. Embrace it.

Cory Mills is a decorated combat veteran who is running for the U.S. Congress in Florida’s 7th Congressional District. 

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