Maggie's List PAC Endorses Amanda Makki for Congress

Maggie's List PAC Endorses Amanda Makki for Congress

13th Congressional District primaries heat up

Jim McCool
Jim McCool
September 13, 2021

While the 13th Congressional District in Florida has several women bidding for the seat, only one candidate has been endorsed by Maggie's List, a political action committee dedicated to electing conservative women to Congress. Maggie's List hs endorsed Amanda Makki (R-FL) for Congress.

Makki, who is now running in Pinellas County for the second time, released a statement after securing the endorsement from Maggie's List:

“Maggie’s List is one of the most powerful voices for strong conservative women in politics. Their endorsement is an enormous vote of confidence in my campaign and I am honored to be chosen as their candidate for Florida's 13th Congressional District. I will continue to fight for the principles and values that keep America great and tirelessly work to stop the spread of socialism, reject open borders, and end critical race theory in our schools,” stated Makki.

The endorsement will definitely help Makki as she faces off against the young conservative, Audrey Henson (R-FL)

and 2020 congressional nominee Anna Paulina Luna, who both appear to check all the same boxes as Makki.  Both claim to be lifelong conservatives and have adopted Trump politics as their platform, but Makki recently tweeted that she was running "against a candidate who "avidly supported former President Barack Obama, and "another who was a part of "Republican Women for Hillary."

While Luna is on record of being that avid Obama supporter, we can only assume the Henson is there candidate Makki says was part of the Hillary presidential campaign.

But, Maggie's List and their endorsement should play a critical role in the outcome of the Republican primary.  The PAC issued a statement on their decision today:

"We are delighted to endorse Amanda Makki in the race for Florida's 13th Congressional District. Amanda is an outstanding champion for fiscal conservatism, less government, and strong national security. She is the perfect candidate to flip this open seat back to conservative control as it was for four decades. Pinellas County will be lucky to have their first female member of Congress be a strong conservative voice,” states Carole Jean Jordan, Maggie’s List Florida Chairman.

Along with Makki being a familiar face on networks such as Newsmax and Fox News, this primary just became a world easier for the Congressional hopeful.

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Jim McCool

Jim McCool

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