Democrats Call SCOTUS Ruling 'Another Roadblock' Against Women's Rights

Abortion is back in the news

Daniel Molina
Daniel Molina
September 2, 2021

After the Supreme Court voted to uphold the controversial Heartbeat Act, the country erupted in discussion regarding what this ruling means for women’s rights and Roe v Wade. In response, Florida Democrats have voiced their disapproval of the ruling, and they have since taken to social media to share their concerns while also rallying support for the upcoming midterm election. Calling it another effort on the “war on women,” Florida Democrats criticized “another roadblock” in the fight for women’s rights, assuring constituents that they will fight to ensure that women across the United States have equal access to abortions.

The Heartbeat Act bans abortions after a heartbeat is detected, which takes place around 6 weeks of pregnancy. However, detractors highlight that this is also a time when women are not aware that they are pregnant. As the law became effective on Wednesday, activists asked for an injunction that would prevent its enforcement.

President Joe Biden (D) has slammed the law, commenting that it would “significantly impair, the access women have to healthcare, and Florida Democrats have echoed in his remarks.

Disappointed but asserting her commitment, Florida state Senator Lauren Book (D) noted that “a week ago, we celebrated Women’s Equality Day,” but “today, we wake up to yet another roadblock in the fight for equality and reproductive justice.” However, Book noted that “the fight continues… and we will not back down!!!”

Florida Rep. Val Demings (D), who is currently running a campaign to unseat Florida Senator Marco Rubio (R), also slammed the ruling, saying that “the war on women is not over.”

“Last night Texas’ radical anti-choice law went into effect,” she commented, adding that “Florida could be next.”

She warned that Americans’ “right to choose can be taken away in an instant” and “women must be able to make their own health care decisions.”

In turn, Demings clarified her commitment to the road forward, expressing that “this fight is just the beginning.”

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Daniel Molina

Daniel Molina

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