Surfside Rescue Efforts Transitions to Recovery

Surfside Rescue Efforts Transitions to Recovery

Bipartisanship is a silver lining for Surfside, FL

Jim McCool
Jim McCool
July 7, 2021

After weeks of searching for survivors, the rescue efforts in Surfside, Florida have come to a close.  First responders have now transitioned from rescue to recovery mode.

They said it couldn't be done, but just under 2 weeks after the initial incident, the remaining tower has been officially taken down.  But unfortunately, the narrative for Surfside seems to be shifting from hopeful bipartisanship to a terrifying reality for South Floridians.

Governor DeSantis (R-FL) who has been actively involved in the efforts to support the South Florida community just released an update on the rescue efforts on his Twitter page, noting that a moment of silence will be taking place for the transition to recovery efforts:

According to an anonymous source related to the rescue and now recovery effort the Floridian recently reported on, Gov. DeSantis has all hands on.

"The emergency response teams, Governor DeSantis, FEMA, and President Biden have consistently offered to provide any state or federal resources including engineers, clean up crews, and any other resources needed to safely and efficiently remove the remaining building to continue search and rescue efforts safely and efficiently," said the source.

As well as some reassuring words from President Biden promising federal aid, the Surfside community still has more than enough support and resources to work through this accident and recover.  Mayor Burkett has praised Biden for sticking to his word and appreciating the attentiveness of Senator Scott.  The Floridian recently reported that Burkett publicly stated "we are lacking at this time for nothing."

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Jim McCool

Jim McCool

Jim is a graduate of Florida State University where he studied Political Science, Religion and Criminology. He has been a reporter for the Floridian since January of 2021 and will start law school in 2024.

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