Florida Senate Passes (6) of Senator Book’s Bills

Florida Senate Passes (6) of Senator Book’s Bills

Broward Senator has successful 2021 legislative session

Jim McCool
Jim McCool
April 26, 2021

Fresh off of being voted in as the Democrat Senate Minority Leader, Sen. Lauren Book (D-Plantation) has just successfully passed 6 separate pieces of legislation, most of Senator Book’s bills advocating for the improvement of children’s lives in Florida.

The most recent bills include care for children with disabilities in public schools and ensures trauma-informed care for sexual assault survivors.

There have been more than 78,000 incidents of restraint and nearly 21,000 incidents of seclusion of disabled students between 2010 and 2020.

Senator Book’s response was to file SB 192, a measure that would prohibit seclusion and provide stricter guidelines for the use of physical restraint. The bill then proceeded to the Senate floor in which it passed unanimously.

Upon the passing of SB 192 Book stated, “Students deserve to be safe at school, and parents deserve peace of mind,” adding that, “While the majority of our special education school professionals provide caring and safe learning environments for students with disabilities, we have unfortunately seen serious abuses committed as well.”

Book remains confident DeSantis will sign this bill into law, as the legislation compliments her Family First platform.

In addition to SB 192, Book passed five other bills including:

SB 1530: Victims of Sexual Assault

SB 1242: All-Inclusive Program for Elderly

SB 950: Bicycle and Pedestrian Discipline

SB 1934: Health Car Practitioner Discipline

SB 716: Consent for Pelvic Examinations

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Jim McCool

Jim McCool

Jim is a Pre-law student and has lived in Florida for 15 years. He is a member of the Benjamin Franklin Society of Scholars, received the 'Spirit of the American Legion' award, and was the President and founder of his high school's debate and moot court teams. On the side, he enjoys football, academics, politics and is a self-proclaimed patriot.