Florida-Based and Trump-Supporting Group Canceled by Clear Channel Media

Florida-Based and Trump-Supporting Group Canceled by Clear Channel Media

Trump Republicans continue facing

Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres
March 8, 2021

When mainstream media and social media companies decided to “cancel” President Donald Trump as a result of the January 6th Capitol protest-turned-riot, many Trump Republicans warned that the canceling of President Trump was only the beginning and that anyone, including Trump-supporting organizations, caught expressing support for the president could and would endure the same "cancel culture" fate.

Supporting President Trump is still a big No-No, and if you want to promote your Trump-backing organization or group with most media outlets, expect to struggle to find an outlet that will entertain your wishes.

This appears to be the case in Florida, where the Broward County-based and Trump-supporting Floridians First group has had promotional artwork rejected because it promotes “MAGA” and Trump.

According to Floridians First organizer Attorney Gabriel "Gabe" Carrera, he submitted billboard artwork to Clear Channel Outdoors to promote his upcoming Tax Day event and then was told that his artwork was “rejected” and “deemed inappropriate,” and that he had to “submit new artwork” for approval.

Carrera, who organized the Tea Party Tax Day protests between 2009-2011, says he was “canceled” because of his support for President Trump.

“It seems as it Clear Channel Outdoors has canceled me and my organization because of my un wavered support for President Donald Trump and the America First Agenda that has renewed our nation’s greatest,” said Carrera.

The artwork that Carrera submitted depicts the Boston Tea Party, the mention of “MAGA” and an image of President Trump’s famous combover hairstyle.

Here is the "inappropriate" artwork.

According to Carrera, one of the company’s salesmen, Ron Horton, was in contact with him over the ad buy, but as soon as he received the artwork in question, Horton became distant and eventually non-responsive.

Carrera said that he told Horton that he didn’t’ want to keep spending money on graphic artwork if he did not know what to correct, asking what “specifically they deemed inappropriate.”

Horton responded by saying that he didn’t know why, only that he just sends up the artwork to corporate and waits for their approval or disapproval.

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Javier Manjarres

Javier Manjarres

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