Fried agrees with DeSantis over Biden's travel ban, but still calls him a hypocrite

Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres
February 15, 2021

The 2022 gubernatorial race between Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and Democrat Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried got underway many months ago, even though neither DeSantis nor Fried have officially entered the race. AG Commissioner Fried has been trying in earnest to score political points against Gov. DeSantis over just about anything she feels will stick against the wall, including the sluggish vaccine roll out around the state, a rollout that has now been proven to have been compromised by the Biden administration’s slow response.

According to Fried, DeSantis is a hypocrite for bashing Biden while at the same time saying that Florida and the federal government needed to “work together.”

Fried asserts that of the two, she’s the only one “serious about working” with President Biden, but forgets that she refused to work alongside the Trump administration after she took office in 2018 and did nothing but bash the former president at every political turn.

Now Fried is questioning DeSantis’ claim that the talk of a Biden travel ban to Florida was being “done purely for political purposes.”

In agreement with DeSantis, Fried says that “travel restrictions would have a harmful effect” on Floridians, but then puts the blame for the state’s economic instability on DeSantis by saying that his “poor pandemic response” was to blame.

"Because our state relies on tourism, travel restrictions would have a harmful effect on our economy — and, let’s be clear, no one wants that. But the reality is that it's Governor DeSantis' poor pandemic response that has deeply hurt our economic stability," stated Fried.

Yes, it’s easy to point the finger at those at the top or in ultimate command of the state like DeSantis, but who is really to blame?

Fried boasts on social media about how closely her office is working with the Biden Administration, so maybe she knows a little more about why the administration has been slow to deliver COVID-19 vaccinations?

According to Democrat Rep. Stephanie Murphy, the Biden administration is to blame for the slow vaccine rollout in Florida and around the country.

“Until supply is sufficient to meet demand, we need to make thoughtful choices about how to distribute vaccine doses in the most effective manner in order to save lives,” Murphy wrote.

So the argument that DeSantis was failing to vaccinate Floridians is debunked because how can anyone vaccinate anyone if they don’t have the vaccines to vaccinate people with?

Fried uses her position to bash Republicans and former President Trump, and because she is the highest-ranking Democrat in the state, so it is expected that she would do so.

But while Fried is the clear early frontrunner in the 2022 Democratic gubernatorial primary race, if former Rep. David Jolly and current Rep. Charlie Crist (D) decide to run for governor, it’s all over.

DeSantis wins. The Floridian first broke the story of Rep. Crist’s potential run for governor.

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Javier Manjarres

Javier Manjarres

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