Rubio and Scott Praise President Trump for Banning Offshore Oil Drilling

Rubio and Scott Praise President Trump for Banning Offshore Oil Drilling

Rubio's bill should pass in the Senate

Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres
January 23, 2021

Florida’s congressional delegation is 100% in agreement with banning offshore oil drilling off of the state’s coast, and the two legislators pushing the ban are Republican Senators Marco Rubio and Rick Scott.

Sen. Rubio first introduced this bill in Spring 2017 and reintroduced it in January 2019.

It’s rare that Democratic and Republican members of Congress come together and agree on anything, but this is the one issue they all agree is worth the kumbaya moment.

Sens. Rubio and Scott have reintroduced the Florida Shores Protection and Fairness Act, a measure that would ban or extend the current moratorium on oil and gas drilling off of Florida’s west coast from 2022 to 2032.

During his term in office, President Donald Trump opened up oil exploration around the country but exempted Florida with a series of executive edicts that would protect the beaches of Florida.

Both Rubio and Scott praised President Trump’s actions to keep Florida’s coastlines protected.

“As Governor of Florida, I fought for and secured a commitment from the Trump Administration to keep oil drilling off Florida’s coasts, and I’m glad they extended the moratorium on oil drilling for another 10 years,” said Sen. Scott “I’m proud to join Senator Rubio today to put this ban into law. We will never stop fighting to preserve and protect Florida’s natural resources so the state can remain a top destination for families, visitors and businesses.”

“Protecting Florida’s vital coastlines and ensuring our State receives equitable treatment is one of my top priorities,” Rubio said. “I am thankful the Trump Administration took steps last year to ensure the ban on oil drilling off of Florida remains in place beyond 2022, but we must do more. This legislation would codify the protections that President Trump implemented by executive action, ensuring that Florida’s shores will remain safe. The legislation would also allow Florida to be included in the list of Gulf states that are eligible to share revenue, compensating for its share in the risk posed by drilling in the western and Central Gulf of Mexico.”

“It is imperative that Congress passes this bill to ensure that the presidential moratorium cannot be revoked,” Rubio continued. “I urge my colleagues to move this legislation swiftly through the Senate and House, so that Florida’s natural resources and economy remain shielded from the threat of offshore oil drilling.”

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Javier Manjarres

Javier Manjarres

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