DeSantis Provides Update on COVID Vaccine and Treatments

DeSantis Provides Update on COVID Vaccine and Treatments

Daniel Molina
Daniel Molina
November 19, 2020

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) has made it clear he has no intention of shutting down the sunshine state. This has proven to be a controversial measure as the state continues to see skyrocketing COVID-19 cases. However, Governor DeSantis has maintained his stance, and today he provided an update on the COVID-19 vaccine distribution plan along with the therapeutic treatments that are available to those most vulnerable to the virus.

DeSantis asserted that “Florida has been working to procure the new treatment for our hospitals and has also made plans to assist in the distribution of a safe and effective vaccine, which we believe will be delivered relatively soon.”

Regarding the therapeutic treatments that are available, DeSantis informed that “the treatment is a monoclonal antibody cocktail,” adding that “it is administered through an IV,” and “it takes about an hour for the IV to be administered, and then an hour to observe the patient afterward.” In turn, the treatment “is best used for people who are at high risk of severe complications from COVID-19.”

Moreover, DeSantis noted that his office is “going to continue to work with hospitals and other providers to ensure that qualifying individuals have access to this treatment.”

Regarding the vaccine, it has been a controversial and contentious discussion in the political arena. With countries moving forward with a vaccine mandate, the discussion within the United States over how quickly the vaccine can be distributed to Americans.

“We in the state of Florida have been actively planning and preparing for vaccine distribution, including by purchasing necessary supplies,” detailed Governor DeSantis. So far, “we have purchased 5 million syringes, 5 million needles, and 5 million alcohol swabs,” he added, which will aid in administering the vaccine as soon as either Pfizer or Moderna is 100% certain that the vaccine can be administered to Americans. This will likely receive opposition, but all eyes are on the companies in a time when COVID-19 continues to run rampant and the 2020 election results continue to be contested.

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Daniel Molina

Daniel Molina

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