Trump pushes Socialism narrative after ex-Marxist guerrilla backs Biden

Trump pushes Socialism narrative after ex-Marxist guerrilla backs Biden

Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres
October 11, 2020

The Trump Victory campaign continues to push the Socialism narrative against former Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Kamala Harris as Donald Trump, Jr has embarked on the  Fighters Against Socialism bus tour this past weekend, just as the president took a jab at Biden for receiving the support of a prominent international socialist and terrorist, Gustavo Petro.

Joe Biden is a PUPPET of CASTRO-CHAVISTAS like Crazy Bernie, AOC and Castro-lover Karen Bass,” tweeted President Trump. Biden is supported by socialist Gustavo Petro, a major LOSER and former M-19 guerrilla leader. Biden is weak on socialism and will betray Colombia. I stand with you!”

Trump simultaneously congratulated former Colombian President Alvaro Uribe after his country’s Supreme Court released him from house arrest as a result of being investigated for witness tampering.

Trump called Uribe “a hero” and “an ally of our country in the fight against CASTRO-CHAVISMO.”

Did Petro, the ex-Colombian guerrilla, and leftist politician endorse Biden?

During an August CNN interview, Petro was asked he had endorsed Biden over Trump.

Petro said, “Well, if I could vote, which I cannot. I’m not a citizen of the United States, but if I could vote in the United States, in the interest of my Latin American people, I would vote for Biden, without a doubt.”

The Socialism angle appears to be resonating with voters, especially Cuban-American, Venezuelan, and Nicaraguan, who can relate to the message many of them have personally witnessed and lived.

“We cannot allow our country to become a socialist nation, we cannot let that happen, and that's what would happen...or worse,” said President Trump during a weekend event at the White House.

The Trump bus tour made four stops over the weekend, the last one being Miami where Sen. Marco Rubio made an appearance.

Late last week, Sen. Rubio also tweeted that Socialist and Islamist despots wanted to Biden win.

“Biden/Harris support the #1 policy objective of the Communist Party of #China, the Ayatollah in #Iran & the regimes in #Cuba & #Venezuela They want Biden (pictured with Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro) to win,” said Rubio.

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Javier Manjarres

Javier Manjarres

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