Mucarsel-Powell Wants Venezuelan Journalist Roland Carreño Found
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Mucarsel-Powell Wants Venezuelan Journalist Roland Carreño Found


Florida Rep. Debbie Mucarsel-Powell (D), who’s been criticized in the past for having conflicting views on Venezuela and its leadership, has taken to Twitter to highlight the continued violation of human rights that Venezuela’s communist leadership has enacted.

“The forced disappearances [sic] of journalist Ronald Carreño is a clear violation of human rights,” she asserted, noting that “no one has heard from him in over 12 hours, including his lawyer and family.”

She concluded that “Maduro’s crimes against humanity must end.”

Last year, Mucarsel-Powell was criticized among other Democrats for, as NRCC Spokeswoman Camille Gallo explained, “demanding Congress fully fund efforts to defend democracy in Venezuela, but… Debbie and Donna voted with their party against a bipartisan motion to condemn socialism as the cause of the crisis in Venezuela.”

This has contributed to political discussions in South Florida involving the argument that some Democratic lawmakers in office are adopting socialist policies.

The Florida lawmaker has disregarded the argument, and instead she’s argued that President Trump (R) and his administration have failed Venezuela, commenting that the President’s administration has “yet to use every diplomatic tool available to exert pressure” on countries that support the Maduro regime in Venezuela.

Daniel Molina

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